No Man’s Land

I’m beginning to realize that I should not be around a large spread of food. Period. Receptions, open houses, office parties, potlucks… it just doesn’t end well.

What usually happens is there is a great array of food. Lots of food. Lots of unhealthy food. IF there is any healthy food to be found, it is in the form of raw vegetables. Let me tell you the problems I have with this:

1. Who in their right mind is going to pass up the pecan pies, stuffed jalepenos, cookies, brownies, chips and cheese balls (the unhealthy food, making up 96% of the available food) for raw celery sticks?!

2. I HATE raw vegetables. Actually, I hate the raw vegetables that I would normally find on a veggie tray. Once a year I might muster up the palette for a few raw carrots, but I definitely don’t like raw celery, tomatoes, and broccoli no matter how much ranch dressing you pour on it (which defeats the purpose of it being healthy anyway).

3. Because of the great variety of food, it is a lot easier to rack up half a day’s worth of points than if they had just served a full meal with an entree and 2 sides. Seriously. I’ve tested this. I probably picked up 6 items, some of them half the size of the rest on the tray. Small foods, very few foods, and I still managed to rack up enough points to where I could have gone to Chili’s and ordered a Carne Asada steak with the steamed veggies and still come out fewer in points.

This time of year is not pretty for me points-wise. I’ve gone probably 15 points over my limit this week. I could have done worse, and I have in the past. I probably just maintained my weight, but it’s still frustrating. Thankfully there’s not really a specific time I NEED to lose all this weight, but it is my personal goal to reach 150 lbs before the end of this 17-week Weight Watcher session.

For this reason I should probably avoid places where extensive spreads of random foods are present. Thankfully my office Christmas party is an actual lunch, and while people are bringing food, it’s a planned luncheon and it’s actually an entree with sides!



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