New goals & week 10 stats

Starting Weight: 176.8
10% Goal Weight: 159.1

New Weight!: 163.8

Total lost: 13.0 lbs

– – – –

Wahoo! That’s right! Even though I went about 20 points beyond my total dailies and weeklies, I still managed to lose weight. A good part of it is water weight leftover from the honeymoon, but I’m still lighter than I was before the honeymoon, which is FANTASTIC!

Yesterday I was so worried and upset after the open house. Every since I went a little over on Saturday at my Sunday School Christmas party, I’ve been wondering how I could make up for it. I even tried to reduce my daily points for two days for it. Well, that didn’t happen. Yesterday after work I just decided that it’s best that I just pretend it didn’t happen (save for counting it on eTools) and eat dinner like normal. In fact, I ate dinner like normal, plus most a can of Sprite, 2 pumpkin muffins and a serving of Hungry Girl’s egg nog. Basically I decided to relax and live a little but not go overboard and let myself think, “oh, the week is ruined anyway!” and eat everything¬† in sight. I guess it worked.

With today’s weigh-in I’ve realized that I’m only 4.7 lbs away from my 10%. Therefore I’m making it a personal goal to reach that 10% goal by the end of the year. I’m also making it a point to go to the Weight Watcher meetings in town over the Christmas break (since WW At Work won’t meet over the break). This will help keep me accountable.

I meant to start a new running program yesterday, but it was way too dang cold. The temperature never got out of the 20’s yesterday, and for me to work out would mean I’d have to go back out into the cold in a car that doesn’t like running with the weather like that. But that said, I’ve decided to start the Couch to 5k program so that I might build some kind of appreciation for running. My current self pretty much hates running’s guts.

I’m also thinking of signing up for a 5K in the spring with hopes that maybe that will motivate me more with the program. We’ll see what happens!


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