A Day of Good Fats and a 5K

Recently I’ve been curious to try out new breakfast ideas as well as find new uses for avocado. This resulting in the Southwestern Breakfast Burrito this morning. I like it.

Made with: a scramble of egg beaters, egg white, 1 whole egg, bell peppers, onions, center cut bacon, reduced fat shredded mexican cheee, avocado, and a LaTortilla Factory Smart & Delicious fajita-sized tortilla.

When I got to work a coworker (who is also on Weight Watchers, ironically…) brought a box of doughnuts. I did eat two. I don’t regret the chocolate one.

I also battled a sinus headache all day long. I went to the bookstore because I knew they had free cokes and I was hoping for something diet and caffeinated. What I ended up with was neither: Sprite. Also didn’t help the headache.

Leftover Italian Sausage & Pepper Penne for lunch! Yum…

I munched on some almonds and grapes after lunch. I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of actually eating my healthy oils. Weight Watchers doesn’t actually want people to count anything as a “healthy oil” that isn’t oil out of a bottle, but I don’t care. The rest of the country considers other sources for their good fats allowance, and frankly, I think it’s smarter to anyway. I got my oils today from avocado, almonds, peanut butter, flax and a little olive oil.

I’m seriously considering, though, in the near future, not “double counting” healthy fats when calculating WW points. The idea of double counting fat is probably to discourage you from spending all your points on fatty foods with very little nutrition or satiety. But it’s really not necessary. When it comes to burning fat, calories are calories, and the body doesn’t have to do “over time” to burn a calorie that came from fat. I’d rather not be punished for eating my healthy fats, so I’m likely soon to calculate my points based on what KINDS of fat they are. I’ll continue to double count trans fats and saturated fats, but the healthy fats, mono- and poly-unsaturated fats, I’ll stop at the first counting.

And then there was dinner.

I’ve finally settled on an all-veggie salad recipe. It’s always been difficult for me because I like putting fruit, nuts, and cheese in my salad. All fine and dandy as for as heart health goes, but keeping calories low while extending my meal, it’s not. And I don’t like most raw vegetables. Don’t like raw onions, broccoli, tomatoes, celery, etc. But I settled on these four ingredients: mixed spring greens (not pictured. ran out), spinach, bell peppers, and shredded carrots.  I topped it with a little bit of light raspberry vinaigrette–my favorite dressing.

And for the entree, Kashi Thin Crust Mushroom Trio & Spinach pizza. A serving size is 1/3 of the pizza, but since I was trying to cut back a few points today, I stuck with a 1/4 piece. Also trying to acclimate myself to the idea that mushrooms might be tasty, so this helped with that too.

Not long after dinner it was time for my weekly session with my personal trainer, Priscilla. I got to the Laney Center a little early and hopped on the treadmill for a warmup of a brisk walk. I don’t know if she planned to have me spend most the hour on the treadmill or not, but that’s what happened. She came over four minutes in and instructed me to alternately jog for one minute and walk for two minutes for a total of 36 minutes (including the warmup time already completed). No problem. I essentially did that for 20 minutes the night before. Tonight I had the incline set to 1.0 with a walking speed of 3.8 and jogging speed of 4.5. About 15 minutes into this, Priscilla starts upping my running speed. Near the end, she had me running for dear life (because otherwise I would have fallen off the back of the treadmill!) at 6.8 miles per hour! My 36 minutes also turned into 45 minutes because the gym was trying to close down early, so we apparently couldn’t do all she had planned. By the end of the run, I’d completed 3 miles. Yes, she pointed out that I had essentially run a 45-minute 5K. And all this was after telling her (while walking/jogging) that Ed and I were going to sign up for  5K in the spring. Felt pretty good to know that yes, I CAN do it. And it will be a lot easier after a few more weeks of training. Priscilla also let me know that Wayland will be (hosting? sponsoring?) a 5K in March. Awesome! Looks like Edgar and I will get involved in TWO 5Ks!

I came back from my hour-long workout completely sore, and after sitting down for a bit, I got hungry and still maintained a craving for peanut butter. Considering my lack of a dairy serving today, I tossed some soy milk, banana, cocoa, splenda, ice, and my favorite natural peanut butter in a blender and topped the result with a little sugar free chocolate syrup and fat free whipped cream. Yum!

And now it’s time for a muscle-relaxing bath and a relatively “early” bedtime.


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