Several Thoughts

No food pictures today. We overslept this morning, so breakfast was a quickie– HG “Complete & Utter Oatmeal Insanity!” and a Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Breakfast Sausage patty.

Lunch was just a duplicate of last night’s dinner.

Dinner was something call “Skillet Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas.” Got the recipe off the back of the enchilada sauce can. It was okay. I probably won’t make it again. I’m not really nuts about chicken enchiladas


I’m thinking more about more about how I plan to eat when I reach goal and will thus be in “maintenance mode.” I want to continue eating healthy, but still be able to relax and not worry about counting points the rest of my life. I also don’t want to eating everything in sight just because “I can.” I’m not really any happier eating poorly anyway.

My thoughts on the subject are that I’m probably going to end up being able to eat approximately 30 points a day for maintenance in addition to the 35 weekly points. After scribbling down some example daily menus of what 30 points would look like, I’m quite satisfied!

I’ve decided that my game plan for maintenance (which is still off in the distance, mind you) is that I will:

1) Keep a food journal on which I will only state what I eat. No point values.
2) Be aware of portions. Stop when my belly is satisfied and don’t serve myself more than a reasonable portion.
3) Keep eating a majority of the same food. I do like the food I eat. There’s no reason to quit eating them.  I may just increase the portions of my pasta or add another ounce of steak to my usual portion. I may use more full-fat cheeses and eat more peanut butter. In moderation, of course.
4) Allow myself to indulge without stress or guilt. Just balance it with a healthier meals and maybe a workout.
5) Get in the habit of exercising for the sake of exercising. Don’t worry about whether I burned enough calories to make that hot dog disappear.
6) Weigh myself once a week. If the weight starts creeping up, watch my calorie intake for a week and bring it back down. Nip it in the bud before it really becomes a problem.
7) Enjoy real food!
8.) Discover new and “exotic” foods that happen to be nutritious! Today I bought out United’s whole supply of ground buffalo. I’m nuts about the stuff, and I’m eager to try a buffalo steak.
9) Focus on overall nutrition and not soley on calories. Some more “nutritious” foods may actual contain more calories. Most things that contain flax, for example. Eat them in moderation.
10) Have a healthy respect for the purpose and art of food.

On a similar subject, I’ve also decided to stick with sugar instead of Splenda in some of my baking recipes. In fact, I plan on switching to turbinado sugar for most of my sugar usage. My pumpkin muffin recipe is great, but it does have that slight artificial aftertaste. I’ve decided it’s worth the one extra point to use real sugar, particularly since I only eat one muffin at a time. For my dark chocolate cupcakes, however, I’ll continue using Splenda to cut down the amount of sugar used (because it does make quite a difference in the point values, and the chocolate flavor hides any thoughts of a weird aftertaste), but I’ve adjusted the recipe to use turbinado sugar instead of white, and increased the amount of real sugar and reduced the amount of Splenda as much as I could to keep the point value to a single point. I’m eager to try them out. 🙂

Well, that’s all folks. I think I’m going to go do some cleaning and try out a yoga video before bed.


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