*Week 11*

Yesterday was a little difficult. We had our office Christmas party from 11:30-1:00, which I knew would make it near impossible to get an accurate reading when I weighed in at Weight Watchers. I had such a wonderful week and could tell I lost a significant amount of weight (in a healthy way). I decided to weigh in anyway, even though I had just eaten lunch (I never eat right before weighing in), I had to go to the bathroom (I always go right before weighing), and I had a ridiculous amount of carbonated beverages in the hours before WI (I always drink plenty of water before weighing). The official read out indicated I lost only .2 lbs. I decided I wanted a more accurate read since I put a great deal of effort into the previous week. After work I went out and bought a digital scale (complete with body fat indicator!). This morning I woke up, went to the bathroom, then stepped on the scale (sans clothes) and found: 160.4 lbs.

I know that the WW scale wouldn’t indicate that. I don’t step on that scale nude, and I always weigh in at 12:30 pm, not  the moment I roll out of bed, but this is probably going to be the more accurate representation of my weight. It will do me good for the next few weeks. I don’t really want to go to the other WW meeting in town, since it meets in the evening, and that REALLY won’t be accurate to my weight, especially since it’s my goal to reach 10% before the end of the year.


Starting Weight: 176.8
10% Goal Weight: 159.1

New Weight!: 160.4

Total lost: 16.4 lbs!

*Body Fat Percentage: 34.9%

This leaves me less than 2 lbs to my 10%! This is so great! My actual goal is to get there before I leave for Fort Worth to visit family (in case I gain a little over New Years, I want to have a little buffer so I can be awarded my 10% the first Tuesday of the new year).

Praise the Lord!

* I’m not convinced this is accurate. When I had my body fat calculated back in August, it read 28%, which I thought was a tad low. 35% is really high, and I definitely am not 35% body fat. I’ll be using this measure as an indication of loss of body fat, rather than an actual measure of my percentage.


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