For the love of Reese’s

I’m convinced Reese’s peanut butter cups are my trigger. Every morning this week I’ve come to the office and found a little Christmas gift bag from one of my twenty-some-odd coworkers. Two of these included Reese’s in some shape or form. I find myself rearranging my points for the day in order to accomodate the tasty indulgence more and more!

On a slightly different subject, I find it rather sad to see that some of my Weight Watching coworkers are throwing in the towel for the holidays. I understand, in a way, but I keep hearing, “Oh, I’m not counting points today!” and “I don’t even want to know how many points I’ve had!” Instead of trying, they’re just giving up! I understand not depriving yourself for the holidays, but at least do what Roni Noone said today: be honest with yourself. Don’t think so much whether you’re “good” or “bad” this holiday, but be honest about what you eat. I know some people are going to allow a little gain over the holiday, and that’s fine if that’s their plan, but it’s hard to see people throwing out the plan, throwing out their accountability just because of obstacles. For me, I plan on losing this holiday. That’s my goal. I plan to get to my 10% by Christmas and allow a little buffer because New Years will be more difficult– an awesome New Years party, my second wedding reception two days following, and three family Christmas celebrations thrown somewhere in the mix. Though, I plan to approach them with rationalism and a healthy, balanced indulgence:

* I won’t eat for the sake of eating “because I can”
* I will eat only what I really want to eat
* I will not stuff myself silly. It’s uncomfortable and doesn’t make the food taste any better
* I will eat a small, healthy meal before any party. It will keep me from being famished and devouring the entire spread. It will also create a cap on my eating so I get “pleasantly full” sooner.  
* I will create a reasonable balance with plenty of exercise and healthy meals when not at the parties.
* While at parties I probably won’t count points (there’s no telling what’s in that Hot Wing dip), I WILL track WHAT I eat and HOW MUCH I eat, even if I don’t know the point values. Just being aware of my portions will give me a healthy sense of restraint before I engulf the entire tray of cookies
* Focus on maintenance. The week between Christmas and New Years is going to be full of obstacles. In that 8-day period I will be attending 5 parties. This is why I want to reach my 10% before Christmas. I want to focus on maintaining that 10% loss the week that loss will be quite difficult. It’s, again, part of being rational about my lifestyle. This is one week out of 52 in the year. One week of restrained indulgence will not wreck my weight loss goals.

Left my camera at work by accident yesterday, so I’ll post pictures of my eats later tonight.


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