An Honest Vacation

Since December 26th the husband and I have been out of town visiting family. We’ll be back on January 3rd and I sincerely hope I haven’t gained TOO much weight.

I will admit that I have not been in control of my eating. I can make excuses about how it’s the holidays or that I’m not the one providing my food, and each excuse has its own level of merit, but it does not excuse me to eat with reckless abandon.

I have decided that it’s not worth the stress to count over the holidays, but it is important for me to at least be honest and accountable for what I eat. I’m journaling on Twitter, and I think that will suffice until we get back to Plainview. I went to bed last night hating how I’ve been eating and eating and pretending that all that food doesn’t have calories. I haven’t been honest with myself, and that’s about to change.


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