A Proud Grocery Episode

I’m back in Plainview and so glad. I’m sick of the mindless eating madness. Today, while wasn’t fabulous, was certainly better than I have been doing. I ate pretty much the calories I would normally eat on any given (on plan) day. Tomorrow I’m going all out with the healthy food in order to shed some of this water weight before weigh-in on Tuesday. Tomorrow’s goal is to eat as little processed food as possible. Fresh is key. This led to the following ending up in my fridge and pantry from grocery shopping in Fort Worth, Plainview, and some stuff Mom sent me home with:

* Eggplant (for slimmed-down eggplant parmesan)
* Bison boneless ribs (SOEXCITED. Got these at Central Market wrapped in butcher paper. Love that!)
* Greek yogurt (okay, I had it this morning. Not a fan, I’ve decided. Made pumpkin yogurt out of it, and I do have that in the fridge)
* Delicata squash (aka “sweet potato squash.” Having it with our bison ribs tomorrow night!)
* Whole Wheat Fettuccine w/ Flax. (Was not able to find these in West Texas, but Mom found ’em and gave them to me)
* Whole cinnamon sticks (for dang cheap. 35 cents!)
* Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Gnocchi (EXCITED!)
* Carrots and celery (for Beef Stew and Creamy Mexican Turkey Soup)
* Red potatoes (for the stew and the general side)
* Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit
* Agave Nectar
* Shallots
* Red Seedless Grapes
* Fresh Spinach
* Clementines
* Musk melon (also incorrectly known as cantaloupe)
* Fresh broccoli florets
* Organic 1% milk
* Soy Slender Vanilla soymilk
* Cabernet Marinara sauce (for the eggplant parm and for a lasagna dinner I’m doing in a few weeks)
* Whole Wheat Oven-Ready lasagna noodles (for aforementioned lasagna party)
* Extra Lean Ground Beef
* Lean Ground Turkey
* various low-cal granola bars
* various Rice-A-Roni boxes I can’t find here
* Jimmy Dean D’Lights breakfast sandwiches (great for breakfast in a rush. Tasty and very filling)
* Diet Cherry 7Up Antioxidant
* Diet Pomegranate 7Up Antioxidant (Pictures to come when consumed!!)
* Low sodium chicken broth
* Egg Beaters

As for tomorrow’s menu, I’m planning:

– Egg scramble with bacon, laughing cow, and herbs
– A high-fiber tortilla with nutella
– a glass of milk
– a turkey, avocado, spinach, and bell pepper wrap
– bison ribs with delicata squash fries and steamed broccoli
– a green monster made with spinach, soy milk, musk melon, frozen mango, frozen banana, and grapes
– a weight watchers yogurt
– 3 clementines

That’s it for now. Sorry for no pictures or links. This is sort of quickie post since I need to get to bed soon. I’ll be back in the groove sometime this week!


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