A Different Day and WW News

So yesterday didn’t go entirely as planned. Ate most the items on the menu except for the Green Monster which was replaced with too many candy cane flavored hershey kisses.  Did discover that I L-O-V-E delicata squash.  All I did was cut it into small fries, sprinkled them with kosher salt and roasted them on 425 for 30 minutes. They came out a little sweet and quite buttery tasting! Unfortunately the squash I bought was small to begin with and became even smaller once baked into fries. Next time I’m in the vicinity of a delicata squash, I’m going to have to stock up on some sizeable ones. I could have eaten that whole thing myself. The bison was good, though next time we may try cooking it partially in the oven. It was a a little tough, even for being medium rare, but that comes with the fact that it’s very lean. I’ve read that some people swear by oven roasted it and NEVER put bison ribs on the grill, be we wanted to try grilling it first. We have one humongous rib leftover, and that’s going in my serving of Steak & Feta Fettuccine tonight. Ed gets the beef sirloin.

I went to bed last night with a killer headache and dizziness. I woke up this morning still miserable so I called in sick. After spending probably the entire morning in bed, I finally got up so I could some stuff done. I still have a little bit of the headache, but I’m trying to keep focused on all the things I need to get done during business hours. This of course meant that I did not go to Weight Watchers today. I resolved that it’s probably best that I didn’t. I am still recovering from a week of a half of terrible eating and I think I finally got rid of the water weight this afternoon. I am still 1.8 lbs more than I was at Christmas, but that’s a more realistic number than the 6 lbs it was measuring yesterday. This week I’m back on plan and look forward to seeing that excess weight drop. Next week I want to weigh in and receive my 10% reward.

Another thing about Weight Watchers: I found out yesterday that if I want to continue with the next session of Weight Watchers, I’ll have to pay for it myself. No longer will the school pay for it. This is also the case with my YMCA membership, since I won’t be taking enough semester hours. This means I’m going to have to drop a thing or two in order to afford to continue with Weight Watchers. I’m considering going to meetings only once per month so I can keep up the accountability but only pay $12 per month. I do want to continue using eTools, so I’ll probably pay for the 3-month plan with that. I’m trying to decide what to do about the YMCA and my trainer. Aqua Zumba began last night, and that’s something I’ve been looking forward to for so long. That’s something I know I can stick to, and I really, really enjoy doing it. But even with the corporate discount,  it’s not cheap.

On a tangent, Edgar and I have plans to purchase a Wii here in a few weeks. We’ve collected our wedding and Christmas cards and money and when the next paycheck comes in we’re heading straight to Walmart to pick it up! I want to get Wii Fit and EAS Active soon, and that will help with the working out thing. Won’t have a continuing fee with that…

But now I’m off to get insurance taken care of! I’ll post more tonight…and with pictures!


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