First Weigh-In of the Year

Sometimes I really hate having my Weight Watchers meeting at noon.

I would have been awarded my 10% had they weighed me this morning. I was 1.2 lbs heavier by noon, and therefore a scant .2 over my 10%.


I know I really shouldn’t be. I lost weight, and that’s good. It’s just annoying.

I found out today that in order for me to pay on a weekly basis I’ll have to go to the community meeting instead of the one here at work. This means I’ll be weighing in at 5pm, when my body is naturally 5 lbs heavier than it was when I woke up. Ugh. I’m on a mission, and I’m not letting anything stand in my way. I’m trying to lose this weight a soon as is (healthily) possible. We’re on a tight budget and the sooner I get to Lifetime, the sooner I can quit paying $12/mo. I don’t want to drag this out any longer than is necessary.

I know I shouldn’t rant after a loss on the scale, but there it is.

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