Week… ????? Update!

Justice is finally served!

I was a little worried. When I weighed myself this morning (clothed), I weighed 158.0, and right after I ate breakfast I weighed myself again and it said 159.2.

Thankfully though, the Weight Watchers scale was fair, and I officially earned my 10%.

– – – –

Starting Weight: 176.8
10% Goal Weight: 159.1

New Weight!: 158.4

Total lost: 18.4!

Ultimate Goal: 138.8
Left to Goal!: 19.6

– – – – –

Last week’s meeting was about eating filling foods. Now that I’ve exercised that habit a little bit, I feel much more capable of staying within my daily points most of the days of the week, even on one point less per day than I have already been doing. I guess if I’m able to keep it up to the weekend that I’ll treat myself with a really great dessert at the Broadway Brew with my greatly accrued weekly points!!

– – – –

Food Units
fiber one with strawberries, blueberries, and 1% milk 3
green tea. mmmmnomnom…. 0
yay! 2.2 lbs lost! and i had leftover buffalo chili for lunch. 5
(and 13 almonds. yum.) 2
2 slightly over-ripe clementines and a sprite zero. .5
dinner was italian sausage and pepper penne [7], and for dessert: 3 dates [1], a vitabrownie [1], and a glass of milk 11
dark chocolate tuxedo pudding cup before bed .5
Total: 22

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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