What Makes Success?

Today comes with some difficult decisions.

1. Is Lifetime really worth it?
2. Should I eat all my activity points?

Okay, so the second one isn’t too difficult, so I’ll explain that one first.

I weighed in at 157.8. I only lost .6, and this was a fantastic week of control. I didn’t even eat 8 of my activity points, and I was able to manage one one point less per day (as instructed by Weight Watchers since my weight dropped to the 150s). But I didn’t lose much! I know I worked out a tad more than usual, but I don’t give much stock into muscle gain. The most any one person can gain in muscle in one day is one ounce, and I am not the kind of person that works out so much that I would gain close to that. I might be able to credit “muscle gain” to about .2 or .4 “not lost,” but when I typically lose about 2 lbs, that’s not an issue of muscle.

I know the body does weird stuff when it wants. I know some days it will retain more water, and I did eat rather salty stuff yesterday, but I weighed less this morning than I did yesterday morning, so I don’t blame that.

I think what’s the biggest cause is that I wasn’t eating enough. This was my first week on 22 points, which adds up to 7 points less during the week. I also did not eat 8 of my activity points. That adds up to about 1150 calories over and above my natural loss. In my observations over past weeks, I lose more the weeks I eat more. Maybe I’m one of the lucky few. This next week I’ll make a point of eating ALL my activity points (in addition to my dailies and weeklies, of course).

The next issue: Weight Watchers beyond January. We only have two more weeks of free At Work meetings. Anything beyond that I’d have to pay for. I’ve been looking at my options and I considered 2 alternatives: Weight Watchers online (I’d be able to use my own scale and eTools is naturally included. It’s also the cheapest at around $18/mo, but the downside is no one-on-on accountability and no Lifetime awardship) and going to meetings very infrequently and pay the weekly price. Unfortunately my leader informed me today that there is a $5 penalty for every week missed. This would translate to $40/month! For that price I’m better off actually getting a monthly pass. But it’s still too expensive.

Right now my options are: 1) do WW online the whole rest of the way through and never receive Lifetime, or 2) do WW online until I’m 5 lbs away from goal and switch my membership to meetings for 6-8 weeks so I can receive Lifetime.

The questions I have to ask myself are: is Lifetime really worth it? What will I gain from it? What will I lose by not having it?

I feel like I want something tangible, something I can hold on to to assure me that I legitimately succeeded. Maybe I need to rethink my definition of success?

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