More is coming, I promise…

I wrote a blog post on another computer in Word, but I forgot to add it to my thumb drive. It’s long, so I’ll wait until I can get it added to disclose the information within. 😉 It’s all important stuff, though…

I’ve been eating a lot of healthy fruits and veggies lately–more than usual, I mean– (and several days have found myself inadvertently eating totally vegetarian), and getting most my recipes out of the Weight Watchers cookbook. Most these recipes are also French-ish or Italian-ish. I’m a bit tired of it. I want barbecue and something country fried. I’m appeasing myself (and the hubs) with chili this weekend and buffalo burgers sometime in the near future. I swear, I never make chili the same way twice. This time I’m experimenting with green chilies, chipotle peppers in adobo, pinto beans, and a little ground turkey mixed with ground beef, to stretch my dollar a bit (but don’t tell Edgar!!).


Starting Weight: 176.8
Current Weight: 150.8

Total Lost!: 26 lbs! (not including the four I lost on my own before Weight Watchers!)

Left Until Goal: 12 lbs!!!

I should update this more. Being lazy with my camera is not an excuse I can update without pictures for now. It won’t kill me, or my silent reader. 😛 Enough with the all or nothing attitudes!


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