New Goals

I’ll admit, I’ve been sort of avoiding this thing. My camera has be minimally recharged and my  USB port is in my possession. I haven’t been taking pictures of my food, so really I’ve been using that as a reason not to post, but enough of lousy excuses.

After several weeks of thinking, I’ve concluded that my goals need to be revamped. I clocked in at about 152 on Valentine’s Day—2 lbs above my goal for that day, which was in part due to several consecutive weeks of <1lb losses. I’ve been consistently losing, but the rate has slowed down. From my observations it seems to be a combination of fluid retention (been eating a lot of sodium lately) and the fact that as I get closer to goal, my body just wants to cling on to the weight. Rather than stress out about not meeting my calendar goal, I’ve decided it’s much healthier to allow my body to lose at the rate it desires, rather than fight it. After all, this is all about my health, right?

As for the Weight Watchers Lifetime membership, I’ve resolved that I am fully capable of losing this weight and keeping it off without the “Lifetime member” title. I think I really needed to find confidence in what I am doing and my ability to do it without the weekly accountability, and I feel pretty darn secure in it now.

Additionally, Edgar and I have decided to run our first 5K in September or October instead of April. Right now I’m a bit bogged down by other tasks and exercise regimens, and my knees have been hurting for about two months now. Plus we can’t quite afford the fee, the running shoes, and the extra trip to Fort Worth right now. We plan to complete that 5K in the fall when we should be more financially secure and I should have more time to devote to training. Meanwhile I’m going to focus on Zumba.

My ”personal” goal has become more clarified as well. My weight goal with Weight Watchers is 138, yes, and I would be perfectly fine seeing that number on my scale for the rest of my life. But my personal fitness goal is not necessarily the number that appears on the scale. My personal goal is a single-digit size. I’m primarily focusing on a size 8, but if I can comfortably and realistically sustain a size 6, I want to. I have never in my life been a size 6. I immediately jumped from a girls’ size 16 to a misses size 8, and I didn’t stay at a size 8 for very long. But I can’t imagine that maintaining below 130 would be any fun, so I’ve concluded it’s just not worth it if I have to go below 130lbs. Of course, my mind’s subject to change.


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