Brief Overview

It’s been a little longer than I want to wait before posting something new, but I’ve been “busy” (read: lazy?) and haven’t uploaded pictures. Anyway. It’s been two incredible weekends since I last posted, and even though I’ve only lost a grand total of .6 lbs, all the extra eating was worth it. Two weekends ago I took a trip with Edgar and our friends Greg and Ana to Lubbock. Ed and I had wedding gift cards to use and groceries to procure from Market Street. Ana had not been to Market Street yet, and Greg was only going to be in the lower 48 for a few more days, so we brought them along. I won’t go into too much detail with the food amazingness, but there were “food with integrity” burritos involved, and Edgar, Ana, and I did some considerable damage at the Market Street salad bar, and I made sure to try a few new things (dolmas: not much of a fan.).

Last weekend Edgar and I went to Fort Worth to visit my family for the Easter Holiday. There was much eating out and most of it was pretty incredible.  More “food with integrity” burrito action, but from a different burrito chain, a foodie visit at a quirky restaurant of Food Network fame, and more grocery shopping (Central Market and SuperTarget, how I love thee…). I swear, I can’t stay away. There was also a bison burger and cheese sampling involved.

Really, there will be pictures, and it will explain EVERYTHING.

Now that I’ve dropped a line, I should really get planning on my meals tomorrow and get in bed. It’s 11:15 and past my bedtime!


* Even though I used to hate it, I’ve realized I far prefer Greek yogurt over standard. I think it’s the artificial sweeteners and flavors that just don’t sit with me for very long. I’m also finding much of the flavored yogurts too sweet! I still haven’t developed a taste for plain yogurt, though. In time, though!

* Tofu is not bad. May need to experiment with it.

* I have little tolerance for burger patties that are in the perfect shape of an air hockey puck. PLEASE give me a REAL burger. Rustic, thick, slightly misshapen, and cracked edges!

* Goat cheese and brie for the win!!

* I need to settle down close to a SuperTarget.

* Apparently I could put away a LOT of calories without gaining. They just need to be smart calories! But really, the smart calories are more fun anyway!


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