Planning Ahead

Every night before bed (before, after, or during Good Eats reruns 😉 ) I plan the next day’s meals and prepare my snacks, and sometimes lunches, for the next day. Last night was no exception.

(Thought I’d be all Kath-like and pose everything on a cutting board, which admittedly makes a very nice background for food photography. 🙂 )

Pistachios and a single date for snack (probably morning, because that may be the highlight of my day), and some cantaloupe chunks for the afternoon. It was on sale for $1, so I figured I could get a pound of fruit out of it and then it’d be cheap! And it was. 🙂 Nice and juicy too.

For lunch, a sandwich thin with Naturally More Peanut Butter, most of a banana, and homemade pumpkin butter, and a side of Scharffen-Berger 60% dark chocolate. Mmmm…

Next month I’m going on a mission trip to Arlington while the husband spends three weeks working so hard eating ceviche, running along the beach, and spelunking in Costa Rica.


I’ll be riding a van down to Arlington with my Sunday school class, and then when I finished with that I’ll be spending a few days with my family in Fort Worth. My youngest sister, Katie, is graduating high school!! My mom will also have just come home from the hospital after her mastectomy, so I’ll be preparing  healthy meals in advance for them to heat up on the fly. And today I officially booked my flight from Dallas to Lubbock. It’s so weird to me! I’ve been on an airplane twice in my life: once when I was 3 years old, on Delta, and the other was an American Airlines flight to Honduras in 2005. I’ve never been on Southwest, which makes this an awfully cool trip for me, because Edgar wants to fly for Southwest someday. It also makes me feel more like a grown up. I just booked a flight somewhere! 😉

This also means early morning breakfast in either Dallas or Lubbock! I don’t know why, but eating out for breakfast always puts a bit of a spring in my step. Let’s see if maybe I can finally track down a Starbucks with that spinach, feta, and egg wrap I’ve been DYING to try for several months now! Things like that could make a morning person out of me!

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