I lied.

I lied: no post about my recent grocery run. I’m just too fed up with the combined effects of the inefficient uploading option for Windows 7, having to downgrade to Photoshop Elements, and the fact that my camera doesn’t have an “erase all” function (and manually deleting 1500 photos individually isn’t how I want to spend my afternoon). No pictures today!

But I will tell you that there was goat cheese, pesto, dates (to feed my new-found addiction), pistachios, 2 lbs of shelled uncooked shrimp, as well as many non-interesting items.

I’ve never de-shelled or deveined shrimp, but I figured I had to get my hands dirty one of these days.

I am currently in the process of procuring my very own domain name. It will not be New Leaf Eats. In fact, I’m changing the title of this blog entirely. I figure, since I plan on making this something of a career, I need a blog title with more mileage. I’ll post with the specifics when they’re all decided on. 😉

Oh gosh, I just ended a sentence with a preposition.

I’m becoming less and less afraid of party food. In fact, I think worrying about it might just make it worse. No worries. I ate what I wanted and left the rest. And I gotta say, the cherry cheesecake was wonderful. Both slices. 😉

(if you’re wondering, yes, I’m still losing weight.)

The husband is leaving for Costa Rica in a few weeks and I’m plotting my take-over of Lubbock. I’m taking this opportunity to eat food he’d never allow me to feed him (tofu) and spend entirely too much time wandering around Market Street without pressure from others to wrap it up.

(Gah! I did it again!)

I’ve been craving sushi as of late and have been planning that as part of my plunder of Lubbock, but since I’m going to Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse tomorrow for John’s birthday, I think I’ll order myself an appetizer plan of sushi for my meal.


It’s past midnight and the hubs is anxious for me to get off the computer. Lata’


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