Well, I’m Back.

I’m alive. Really, I am.

I did not intend to wait this long before posting again. I was only planning a one-week hiatus, but life got in the way. Since my last post, Edgar has walked the stage at graduation, I’ve gone to Arlington on a mission trip, visited my family in Fort Worth, watched my youngest sister graduate high school, and flown back to west Texas on my very first Southwest airlines flight. I came home Monday to an empty house, since Edgar is now half-way through his 3-week study tour in Costa Rica.

Later I’ll post info on my grocery shopping trips, with pictures!

Long story short, I ate waaay too much while out of town. Cookies, cakes, and bread were EVERYWHERE, and I had no restraint. I’m paying for it this week with bloat, unbelievable amounts of water weight, and I’m sure a pound or two of extra fat.

 In addition to making sure my diet is much cleaner, I’m stepping up the exercise this week. Here’s what I’ve got scheduled:

 Tuesday: Zumba (60 min) + Yoga (30 min) (also did 30 min on the stationary bike at the Laney Center after Zumba, plus 10 minutes of “Free Step” on the Wii Fit while watching Good Eats)
Wednesday: 30 Day Shred (20 min) + Yoga (30 min)
Thursday: Zumba (60 min) + Yoga (30 min)
Friday: Stability ball exercises (just got a Netflix video of workouts) (30 min???) + Yoga (30 min)
Saturday: Yoga (30 min) + Ride bike for one hour, provided the weather is okay. If not, I’ll do strength training and cardio on the Wii.
Sunday: Rest
Monday: 30 Day Shred (20 min) + Yoga (30 min)


Extra Thoughts:

• I’d love to ride a century bike race someday. I’ve always loved riding my bike, and I constantly imagine what it’d be like to ride my bike from Plainview to “nearby” cities (about 15 miles to Hale Center, about 30 miles to Floydada, 40 miles to Lubbock, etc).

• I still want to participate in a 5K. We’re looking at October. I’ll need to get training sometime this summer, but I’m waiting until I reach goal weight, that way I’ve got a new goal toward which to work.

• Sushi is yummy. I tried my first sushi with raw fish while visiting the Metroplex, and I’m a fan.

• I’m on a coconut kick.


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