Thoughts on Exercise

I wondered what “the wall” was. The wall happens when one’s glycogen stores get depleted during vigorous exercise. Supposedly it makes the exerciser suddenly feel like they’ve lost all their energy and they just can’t go on any further.

Now, I doubt that that’s exactly what I experienced, but yesterday at Zumba, I was doing just fine for the first half of the hour until -BOOM- I lost a ton of energy. I huffed and puffed it through the next half hour, avoiding stopping because I knew if I stopped even for two seconds I’d have to muster up the energy to get back into the groove again.

At any rate, I got a heckuvah workout. More than I typically do in Zumba.

I’m going to go on a side spiel here. Zumba advertises that in one hour of their workout, one can burn up to 500 (I’ve even read 1000 somewhere) calories. Sure, UP TO. And calorie burn varies per person and definitely by weight. I wouldn’t know for sure, but I imagine a guy would burn even more calories.

I don’t have a problem with Zumba advertising such high estimates, because I really do believe that someone CAN burn that much in an hour of moderate-intense aerobic dancing. The problem I have is that most people look at that magic 500 number and naturally expect that they are burning that much. Based on my intensity, age, sex, and weight, I estimate a burn of about 300 calories during an hour of Zumba (about 350 for an hour of Zumba Basic, just under 300 for an hour of Zumba Gold/Toning).

Let me relay a situation that happened several months ago. I was in Zumba Gold/Toning class at the YMCA and someone had worn their heart rate monitor during the class. At the end of the hour, we all tuned in to hear her estimated burn. 250 calories was her answer, and everyone in the class when into an uproar about how the heart rate monitor MUST not be right, because they DEFINITELY burned 500 calories!

Well, I say everyone. I didn’t get into an uproar, because for the 45 minute I had spent in class that day, I was only crediting myself 200 calories. Zumba Gold is just not that intense! It’s moderate exercise at BEST. I’m sure the workout was more intense for some of the heavier and/or deconditioned women in the class, but for myself and the lean woman with the heart rate monitor, 250 calories sounds about right.

Now back to my workouts.

I missed my Wednesday workouts. I have no excuse. I kept putting it off until later in the day until I was way too tired to work out.

Yesterday I had recorded that I’d do 30 minutes of yoga in addition to my Zumba. I was also planning to ride the stationary bike for a half hour after Zumba. As I went down to the locker room to grab my iPod, Edgar called from Costa Rica, and that settled it. I went home and talked to him for a few hours and never got around to any additional exercise. It’s probably fine, though, since I worked out at a much greater intensity in Zumba. I’ll make up for the lost exercise on Sunday doing Wii Fit or the stability ball workouts.

Weight Loss? I guess I haven’t talked about that much recently. Well, I mentioned my binge over my time spent out of town. Since my weigh-in on Tuesday I’ve lost 2.4 lbs. Thank you, water weight! I was feeling bloated, and I LOOKED bloated even during Zumba on Tuesday (looking better today, but still not up to snuff)!  As for overall weight loss, I’m still stuck in the 140s. I was just getting down in the numbers before I went out of town and shot back up to the upper 140s. 146.0 was the number this morning. I’m hoping to see it drop 2-3 more before Tuesday. Ambitious? Unhealthy? I’d never do this on a normal week, but I know I’m carrying excess water weight. It’s like when you first start a weight-loss program and suddenly lose big numbers the first two weeks. Besides, it’s not like I’ll cry over it if I don’t. I’ve accepted that things like this will happen in its time. Sure, I wanted to be at goal in April, but that’s life.

I’ve decided to put up a page of my workouts. It will keep me more accountable (I hope!) as well as simply keep record of what I’ve done so there’s no question about whether I’ve been slacking or not.


One response to “Thoughts on Exercise

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned how 500 calories is the estimate. That just seems WAY over-estimated, especially for someone already conditioned (like you said). I think they are times when I really pick up the intensity..yea maybe i’m closer to 500 calories but honestly I don’t think it would be that high. Maybe it depends on the instructor too?

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