Lesson Learned

This is why you work out regularly people. It’s not just about physical health. It keeps you SANE!

Today I took a rest day, and excited that I had all this FREE TIME and FREE ENERGY I decided to clean house. I took my time. I turned on the iTunes and danced around while loading and unloading the dishwasher, putting the coffee table back in its place, moving the laundry upstairs and starting a new load, etc. Until I got to a point where I was done with all that and still was restless as heck and aching to be around people. I took a break from my characteristically more passive approach to initiating relationships and proceeded to spend the next two hours trying to round up people to hang out with, and when that didn’t work, I had a mini meltdown.

Friend, Justin, took pity upon my desperate heart and took me to Sonic. I drowned my woes in a Reese’s Sonic Blast and now am heading for bed feeling awfully tired and a little foolish.

Maybe I should have just met up with Jillian.


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