Some Things Don’t Change

Today begins (HOPEFULLY) my last week before goal. I weighed in this morning at 141.8 (a .6 gain from Saturday, because of the excess salt and bread I’ve eaten the last few days, but a .6 loss from last week), and now I begin the “Wendie Plan.” In a nutshell, it’s “metabolism confusion.” You vary your WW points/calories over the week so that some days are low and some days are high (VERY high!) and it keeps your metabolism charged. I have little doubt that it will work for me, since I’ve noticed that I lose best on weeks where I have a day or two where I eat QUITE A BIT of my weekly points, but still stay within my overall allowance. If I drop 3 lbs (with .6 of that I know being water weight), then I should hit goal next week!

My morning walk today got me thinking about my last semester of college. I really miss going to the Laney Center to work out in the late afternoon, grabbing my dinner at the bar (typically turkey club on focaccia, a bag of jalepeno potato chips, and a diet coke—not included on the flex plan menu, but one particular worker always let me use my flex meal plan on anything I wanted), taking a quick, refreshing rinse in the shower back in my suite, putting on fresh clothes, then cuddling myself up on one of the couches in the lobby (where I’d be “working” for the next four hours) eating my dinner and watching Reba and the Food Network.

I really miss working out in the afternoon and going to dinner refreshed and muscles feeling that good ache.

I really miss that turkey club on focaccia. The Laney Center having them stocked was hit or miss when I was a student, but I really haven’t seen them there since.

I’m not crazy about potato chips, but I do sort of miss those jalepeno chips, for nostalgia’s sake.

I miss working the lobby. It was the best student job ever. I sat in the lobby and watched TV the whole time. I could do homework or work on my Halloween costume. If I was closing, cleaning up and locking the doors was pretty much the only other thing I had to do. It was great!

So today after work I went to Zumba class (at the Laney Center), came home, showered, slipped into fresh, comfy clothes, ate dinner (leftover Shepherd’s Pie made with ground turkey. YUM!) , and cuddled myself (with muscles feeling that “good ache”) up on the couch and watched a little Reba and Food Network. 🙂

A girl can try, right? 🙂


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