Change of Plans

I had planned to eat the banana I brought to work today for my morning snack. But then a coworker brought donuts from Frisco Bakery.

I can’t say no to a cinnamon-sugar donut!!

But since I’ve been a little indulgent the past few days and need to save some room for tomorrow’s grilled pizza night, I decided to save the banana for my afternoon snack.

I had planned on a Grilled Brie, Fig, and Prosciutto sandwich on wheat French bread for lunch. But the last of my french bread got moldy, so another change of plans was in order. Grabbed the last of my Ezekiel bread and went to town…

Seeing a theme here? Last of the breads. Saving my eggs. One serving left of asparagus. Yeah. My fridge is starting to look like the second half of a pay period!


One response to “Change of Plans

  1. traynharder23

    i don’t think i’d be able to deny a cinnamon sugar donut!

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