Dough Under My Fingernails

I’m up late yet again. But this time it’s because I spent most the evening in preparation for tomorrow! I started this Friday night dinner+entertainment thing at our house last week, and tomorrow will be the second installment of who knows how many. Last week it was spaghetti and meat sauce (leftovers of which became my dinner.. errr…tonight) and tomorrow it’s going to be grilled pizza! The fact that the new Good Eats episode tonight was about grilled pizza was in fact a coincidence. A very happy one indeed.

So Edgar and I went shopping for some last minute necessities. Fresh mozzarella. Basil (plant! why spend $3 on a box of cut basil when you can spend the same amount for the plant???). Extra virgin olive oil. French Bread. Pepperoni. Barbacoa. More asparagus (it’s still on sale!), etc. Then I came home and immediately went to work on the pizza dough. I like mine to rest a good 20 hours or so. It’s a lot more workable that way. Now my hands smell like yeast and there’s dough under my fingernails. It’s a good feeling. 🙂

Like I said. Leftover meat sauce from spaghetti night last week. I opted for the cooked leftover spaghetti squash I had in the freezer for my “pasta” and I bulked up the small serving of sauce that was left with more tomato sauce and some red wine.  For some reason, it was really spicy today. Must have been the mound of black pepper I poured in the bowl post-photo.

Oh, and I ate this really ripe banana for my afternoon snack. I like mine ripe. Really ripe. This banana was perfectly ripe two days ago. But I was so hungry I was ready to eat the ‘naner right through the skin, so it tasted PERFECT.

I think food journal-blogging for three days have given me a much better insight on the content I aim for in my blog. For example, I don’t think I’ll be making it a goal to food journal on my blog. I have a food journal on, and I don’t really need another one. Plus, who wants to see my overripe bananas and last week’s leftovers? Nobody? Okay then. Though, I do like the idea of posting several times a day. It keeps me inspired. What I may do is simply post the food that is of particular interest to me and the blog. Breakfast and lunch fell into that category, and to some extent that cinnamon-sugar donut (it was a good donut). But I don’t want to build up some expectation of what I HAVE to write about, because then I’ll get too tired and not write about what I really want to write about. Make sense?

So I don’t think I will continue with the photo-journaling everything that passes through my lips, but I will continue to write about and photograph that which is of particular interest several times a day.


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