Pizza, Brownies, and Baseball

Forgive me for not posting earlier, but last night’s festivities ended pretty late, and since I’m an old lady now, I was too wiped out when guests left at 10:30. In fact, this is probably going to happen every weekend. You see, Edgar and I decided to host a Friday night dinner and “entertainment” gig every (most) Fridays this summer for our friends who are in town. I cook people free food. They can watch movies/TV/play games, etc. Today we (no, the guys…) ended up watching the Rangers/Astros game on TV.

So back to the food!

Last night’s menu included grilled pizza, cinnamon sticks, and brownies!

Since grilling pizza is very quick work, I got everything together and organized…

Check out my mise en place! Don’t see THAT everday!!

Everything ready outside!

Boys waiting outside for the coals to light…

Hi, Edgar!

Okay, so the actual work of grilling the pizza went by fast and furious, so before long, we had this…

Margherita: fresh torn basil, fresh mozzarella pearls, grilled roma tomatoes, all crushed up. This one was a hit!

Pepperoni: Crushed, grilled roma tomatoes, pepperoni we slices from a long stick, and mozzarella

Green Chile Barbacoa: Asadero cheese, barbacoa from our local Amigos store, and green chiles. This one was also a hit!

Not much can get better than fresh bread topped liberally with butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar and smothered in a sugary, vanilla-y glaze.

… except maybe brownies. However, this box (which I got on sale for 75 cents) was not as good as last week’s Ghirardelli Ultimate Fudge brownies. Yes, I made boxed brownies. So sue me.

If there was anything to take way from the evening, it would be that next time I grill pizza, I need to take the dough OFF the grill while topping it, because the bottom part of the crust overcooked/burned on pretty much all the pizzas. But that didn’t seem to bother too many people…

Until next time!

What’s your favorite pizza topping? Thick or thin crust? “Creative” toppings, or classic?


One response to “Pizza, Brownies, and Baseball

  1. MMMMMM, Yumy pizza. The burnt botoms sure didn’t stop me. Looking forward to next friday!

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