The Brew

If I’m going to be writing a blog about how I’m “making it’ as a foodie in Plainview, TX, I can’t go long before mentioning the Broadway Brew.

“The Brew,” as it’s affectionately known, is owned and operated by a Wayland professor, David Splawn, and his wife, Stacey. They bought the property that was in the yonder days of yore known as the Quik Lunch, which was seen in the 1992 Steve Martin film, Leap of Faith.

So for the last two years, the Broadway Brew has served as the local coffeehouse, social hot spot, bistro-esque lunch venue, and the only hip place in town.

The food and drinks are also fantastic, mind you. Using the most wholesome ingredients, David and Stacey have been serving organic coffee from the beginning, and have recently been adding more artisanal breakfast and lunch fare to their menu, such as homemade granola and fresh quiche! The turkey avocado sandwich (served at lunchtime!) is my personal favorite… until you get to dessert. Gargantuan cinnamon rolls and sweet scones, I’ve never tasted a Brew-made dessert I didn’t like.

Early this afternoon I was itching to walk around downtown. And of course, any visit downtown demands a visit to the Brew.

I saw the cupcake.

I couldn’t whip out my debit card fast enough.

I was a good girl and shared my cupcake and house-made lemonade with Edgar, but I got to be honest: I didn’t want to!

I imagine that the hazelnut flavor was in the cream cheese frosting, and oh, was it good! I didn’t taste much espresso, but I really think the coffee certainly enriched the flavor of the chocolate. It’s very common to find coffee as an ingredient in chocolate cake! It’s for good reason, too! After taking pictures, I almost turned back around to find an empty plate, but the husband was a dear enough to save me a few bites. 😛

The lemonade was also a winner. Not too sweet. Refreshing and didn’t have that jaw-paralyzing sourness to it. Just pleasantly tart with a bright lemon flavor.

Will come back soon for that Violet Cherry Italian Cream Soda…


One response to “The Brew

  1. Oh Brew, how I miss thee and thy Italian sandwiches at lunchtime.

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