Sunday Storms

One of the things I love about living in rural west Texas is that I get so see storms floating in from miles away.

For some reason, I don’t remember sights like this growing up in Fort Worth. And this isn’t even “impressive” by west Texas standards…

Going along with today’s “lazy Sunday” theme and the fact that we have slim pickin’s in the way of food, my lunch was rather random.

It started off with the last of the green chile/barbacoa mix and french bread. Then I figured that a little asadero would keep the bread from getting too soggy. Then I figured I needed some vegetables, so I grabbed the only non-lettuce vegetable we have in any sort of abundance–you guessed it, ASPARAGUS! I wrapped ’em in a moist paper towel with some sea salt and nuked ’em for about a minute. Perfect.  Then I decided I needed another healthy element. I pulled out my grapes but they were looking dodgy, so I pulled out a peach. Bingo.

Several hours later the husband and I decided it was time to go see Toy Story 3. It was FANTASTIC! I especially like Buzz’s Spanish mode. 😉

Before the movie I was itching for something to drink. Since it was 3;30, we took advantage of the Sonic Happy Hour. I got my usual. Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade. One of these days I’ll quit artificial sweeteners. Not today.

After the evening service at church, Edgar and I brought our starving selves back home and I looked up a really quick recipe for the pork tenderloin. Quick and simple was key because 1) we were very hungry, and 2) we are very limited in ingredients at the moment. Plus, I don’t feel totally enthused about cooking on Sundays.

I settled on Ellie Krieger’s Rubbed Pork Tenderloin recipe because it was simple, only required the use of a stove and oven, and didn’t require a sauce. I didn’t have any coriander though (which would have been AWESOME!), so I subbed a little cardamom. I figured since cardamom is a spice often found in spicy-earthy-sweet applications, and pork is often cooked with some fruity-sweet element, that I was safe. And I was right. I mixed up some quick mashed potatoes with brummel & brown, half-and-half, chives, and fresh parsley, and sauteed the rest of my spinach with a pat of butter and nutmeg and called it a meal. But not before munching on a crostini of toasted french bread with brie and fig jam…

Fig jam is my new obsession. Mmmm!

Oh yeah, dinner!

And for dessert, I had a square of this…

And now I’m off to enjoy this stormy evening in bed.


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