I’m Official!

Check out my nifty Foodbuzz banner!!  I’m officially a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! You’ll see more of what entails in weeks and months to come! 😉

I think Monday is the perfect way to describe this day. Apparently Edgar didn’t set the alarm, so I got up just 30 minutes before I had to leave. This only gave me two options: shower or breakfast? Seeing as how we have no milk in the house, and I’m not about to throw half-and-half in a bowl of cereal, I chose to spend my very little time cooking up some pancakes. I could (and did) shower at lunch.

The other day I got to wondering what Kodiak Cakes would taste like mixed with half-and-half instead of water. So this morning I tried it with the last of my mix. (whimper!)

It was thick, and I’m positive Edgar would have hated me if I made him cook these (he has no patience for thick pancake batter), but they tasted really good! And the two pancakes I had with a little bit of Greek yogurt, walnuts, blackberries, cinnamon, brown sugar, and maple syrup really filled me up for most the morning! That’s new!

At lunch I came home to THIS!

Edgar rearranged the living room (Hmm? He’s laying on the floor baiting the alley cats to come in and play? Oh yeah, that’s normal)! We originally had the TV in that spot when I first moved in, but we moved it to make room for the Christmas tree. Now that we have the bookcase, it makes more sense to move them where we had them originally. If anything, it freshens things up. Nothing wrong with a little feng shui!

I couldn’t decide between a veggie sandwich or a turkey sandwich. So I combined the two into a monster sandwich! I could hardly bite into it!

That would be arugula, alfalfa sprouts, deli sliced turkey, bell pepper, avocado, carrots, hummus, and pepperjack cheese sandwiched between two slices of French bread.

I have nothing to report for dinner, since it was leftover pork and a quick arugula salad. Nothing special, and I sort of desecrated the pork. Not pretty. Tasty, but not pretty.

But now I’m going to go dig out some Christmas lights. Maybe I’ll tell you why later. 😉


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