Heaven’s Tortillas…

This morning I wanted tortillas. With eggs. I went on a search for a recipe and once again found myself pulling from Homesick Texan. I’m beginning to really like this lady.

She said it perfectly with the title, “an end to my quest.” I’ve been looking for a good flour tortilla recipe for ages. I don’t know why none of the others really worked. They all pretty much have the same basic structure. Flour, salt, baking powder, fat, and water (or milk). And this one didn’t seem to be much different, but when the Homesick Texan says that these are authentic Texan flour tortillas, she knows what she’s talking about.

I once again made one change. I subbed half the flour with whole wheat pastry flour. This may be one of the prime differences in the texture of this batch versus previous batches. I’ve made whole wheat tortillas before with regular whole wheat flour and they’ve come out crumbly and not at all elastic. I’ve also made them with 100% all purpose flour, too, and still had much of the same issue, so who knows?

I heated my milk on the stove. This may be the prime variable. I’ve never warmed up my milk when making tortillas. And when I’ve used water, I simply used warm tap water. I guess it needs to be HOT?

Oh, and I made sure not to over-work the dough. This may actually be it. The dough came out like velvet and rolled out easily without pulling back into a smaller shape. Something I’ve never experienced!

Maybe it’s the perfect combination of all these variables the resulted in AMAZING flour tortillas! The rolled out paper thin and cooked into a soft, chewy, gently puffy tortilla. I can tell you that I made 9 tortillas, but by the time all of them had been cooked, only 7 were still on the plate.

This is what manna from heaven tastes like.

And a third tortilla was used to make my breakfast. Scrambled eggs with bell peppers and onions, with a little grated cheddar.

Oh my heavens…

Must go distract myself.

Going to Lubbock tonight to eat a Hooters with a bunch of guys. Is that weird?

Haven’t done yoga in a while. Should go do that and fuel before tonight’s festivities with a Green Monster. Not sure Hooters has ever heard of a vegetable.


4 responses to “Heaven’s Tortillas…

  1. Hey I just stumbled across your blog!

    hahahah Hooters and veggies… that’s great. I think they maybe serve celery with their wings?

    Anyways, breakfast burritos are awwwwweeeesssooommme 🙂 Have a good weekend!!

  2. I made tortillas one time and they were such a disaster that I still haven’t recovered. I am so impressed with yours! They look professional.

  3. There are so many resources out there for great recipes! Those tortillas look really good! I love eggs like that too!
    Going to Hooter’s with guys is not weird 🙂 hehe

  4. I’ve never tried using pasty flour -this is good to know! The tortillas look amazing!

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