One of the Guys

Or… shenanigans in Lubbock?

Justin’s 20th birthday was this past Tuesday and he declared that he wanted to celebrate in Lubbock at Hooters. Yes, Hooters. Since his fiance, Aubrey, was having to work, it was just me, Ed, Justin, and Kris, and Tommy and Teresa met us at the restaurant later.

We left a bit early so we could fool around a bit at the mall. Somehow I found my way into the candy store and found THESE!

I actually got carded to purchase these!!

The Malibu and Jack Daniels ones were for Ed. The Kahlua and Grand Marnier ones were mine. To be honest, they didn’t really taste all that special, but they sure weren’t bad!

And no trip to the Lubbock mall would be complete without a trip to the pet store to play with puppies!

We played with this cutie!!

He was a feisty one, and weighed practically nothing! The kitten that Kris played with weighed more than this pup!

Soon after we headed to Hooters to grab a table. We walked in and lo and behold, a SECOND FLOOR! I’m a sucker for balconies, lofts, and patios. If I get the chance, I will always pick a table in one of these places.

Ed can’t be serious.

Justin on the phone with Tommy and Kris telling me, “will you put the camera AWAY?”


I was planning on ordering the crab legs until I saw the price. So I ordered the blackened mahi sandwich, but apparently they were out of mahi. Then our waitress told us that the crab legs were on special for 8.99. Woot!

First time ever eating crab! I had a lot of “fun” cracking open the legs to get to the meat. Basically, like eating pistachios. I liked it!

Ended the night by eating two bites of Ed’s cheesecake and the last 2/5 of Kris’s Key Lime Pie. And I’m glad Teresa was there for me to talk to, because I obviously wasn’t getting any attention from the guys! 😉

Oh, boys. 😉


One response to “One of the Guys

  1. OMG, I want Malibu candies!!! hahah I think that should be illegal. I’d prob get drunk and they’d have to be taken away from me.

    Also, how freakin cute is that puppy?!?!? 🙂

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