Steel Cut Oats Experiment, Pt. 2

You don’t know how hard it was for me to get out of bed this morning. The temperature was perfect, and I found a cozy spot lying diagonally on on bed perfectly enrobed in my covers. But after 30 minutes of hitting snooze every 5 minutes on both my phone and my alarm clock (which is on the other side of the room, by the way), I finally got up and headed downstairs to check on my oats.

I personally think they turned out a bit too soupy. I’m not positive if this is the way it’s supposed to be because I’ve always liked my oatmeal thicker and never used much liquid in it. Perhaps “double-broiling” my oats on low for 8 hours wasn’t enough time? Or perhaps I put too much water in the slow cooker base?

I mixed in 3 tbsp each of peanut butter and honey per recipe instructions. I used Naturally More peanut butter and a honey harvested at a town about 15 miles north of Plainview. Since I couldn’t get my newer jar of honey open, I used the crystallized honey in my older jar. I’ve always liked crystallized honey, though, so it’s all good.

Soupy or not, it still tasted pretty good, especially with butterscotch chips on top!

See how they melt! Mmmmm!


So I decided to continue the experiment by putting the pyrex bowl back into the crockpot set on low until lunchtime. Perhaps I’ll get a thicker product that way. We’ll see!

5 responses to “Steel Cut Oats Experiment, Pt. 2

  1. Vici Carpenter

    Steel cut oats are better for you than regular quick oats, but they are chewy and take longer to cook. Good for you for experimenting with them!
    You might try this method of preparation next time. Squeeze the juice of a fresh orange over a bowl of steel cut oats and add a little warm filtered water. Let it sit on the counter covered by a napkin overnight. In the morning, dump it all in a saucepan and heat it up. Add water or milk and cook it to the desired thickness. Since the oats have soaked all night it doesn’t take very long to cook the next day.

    Eat it plain or add a tiny bit of butter, agave nectar, raisins, and walnuts….yum….my favorite!

    • Yep! In the past I’ve made different variations on steel cut oatmeal in and out of the crockpot, but this is the first time I’ve used 1) this much fluid, and 2) a second vessel inside the crockpot. Still tasted pretty awesome!

  2. I love steel cut oats and you picked the best brand! McCann’s scores a 91 on the NuVal scale. Quaker Steel Cut Oats score a 60. I’ve put mine away until fall for now. I’m craving muesli these days with this New England heat wave going on.

    • Very interesting! That’s actually Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats in the McCann’s container. I ran out of the McCanns, and rather than pay $7 for another container of McCann’s, I bought the $4 Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats and dumped the bag in the empty McCann’s can. 😉

  3. Steel cut oats can be pretty tricky. I’ve always had to start the cooking the night before so they’re a little softer and can sit overnight in warmer liquid. Since they’re not as hard, they soak up the water much better. Then in the morning you can add more liquid if they’ve soaked it all up or not if there’s still some left and finish cooking them. Pretty labor intensive for such little things! lol

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