Carbs and Butterfat Hangover

Whooey! I woke up this morning feeling like it was Thanksgiving morning, and I’m not sure why. I don’t know if it was the hangover I was feeling from the copious amounts of carbohydrates and butterfat I ate the night before.

I went all out. Whole wheat-buttermilk (and chocolate chip!) pancakes, whole wheat biscuits, bacon, made-to-order-eggs, orange juice, coffee, milk, berry compote, homemade whipped cream, and many different available toppings, including a cinnamon honey butter I made entirely from scratch (including the butter. I furiously blended cream in my stand mixer for about an hour until the buttermilk separated from the butter. The buttermilk wound up in half the pancakes!). I also made pumpkin-pecan butter the night before, but I COMPLETELY FORGOT about it last night, and it never made it’s way out of the fridge. Oh well.

Everything happened so fast I wasn’t able to get prettier pictures! I basically let everyone start serving themselves as I was cooking up the eggs and bacon on the electric griddle.

My plate included scrambled egg whites with basil and white cheddar, one buttermilk pancake split four ways with four different toppings (maple syrup, cinnamon honey butter, nutella, and a berry syrup I made with the compote liquid), a biscuit, bacon, and some berry compote with fresh whipped cream. I went back several times for more berries and cream and I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in biscuits.

So after struggling to get out of bed this morning still feeling partially weighed down by last night’s breakfast, Edgar and I decided to go to China Dragon for lunch. We’d never been and Edgar was in the mood for Chinese buffet. The menu was actually a lot more varied than we expected, tasted better, and was cheaper than the buffet we typically go to.

They even had sushi!

But I wouldn’t plan on getting my sushi fix there. I didn’t have my expectations high for them, since it is a Chinese buffet and sushi is a Japanese thing, but they weren’t bad.

I had half my egg roll and pretty much all of everything else. And a few pieces of unpictured dessert and a fortune cookie. Edgar still won’t tell me what his fortune was….

Now I think I’m going to pour over some reading or do something else to avoid the fact that the kitchen and dining area downstairs looks like a tornado tore through.

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