Dreaming of Lunch

I really think lunch has the potential to be my favorite meal of the day. I feel like I can get really creative with it and still keep it nutritious at the same time. I personally feel that if I was ever to open a restaurant, it would be a bistro/cafe.

On today’s menu, peanut butter and (homemade) pumpkin-pecan butter sandwich on (homemade!) wheat French baguette, with sides of carrots and (homemade) hummus and a peach.

If I had more food in the house, I’d eat something more interesting. I’d probably add cheese to the plate or make sweet potato chips or kale chips. I’d have a La Croix or a green tea instead of the Coke Zero I drank, but perhaps another day I’ll share that lunch with you. 😉

Speaking of lunch, yesterday’s lunch…

We went to Chili’s after church and I really wasn’t hungry after the three 6-oz cups of chocolate milk I had during Sunday school, so I was originally going to just order a soup. But then, as our server approached the table to take our order, I happened to notice the Smoked Chicken tacos with poblano peppers, cilantro, and cotija cheese with black beans and rice. Poblanos, people. How can I say no to poblanos?? I can’t.

It was oh-so good and now I have visions of poblano fajitas dancing in my head.

Of course, between still being “satisfied” from breakfast and the unstoppable force that I am with an appetizer basket of bottomless chips and salsa laid before me, I was STUFFED after one taco and all the black beans. I took the rest home and ate the other taco for dinner.

5 responses to “Dreaming of Lunch

  1. Lunch is my fav meal too 🙂 Feel like I can really eat heavily because it is midday. Dinner has become a much lighter meal for me!


  2. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    You know, I find that dinner is usually my most creative meal 🙂 I’m always way too rushed for lunch. Or make something the night before that’s generally leftovers of some sort.

    But I know the feeling about feeling playful with certain meals 🙂 Those tacos, however, look AWESOME! I’ve been disappointed in my Chili’s outings lately, so glad to hear there are still good things waiting.

  3. Love how practically all of your lunch is homemade!! So much better than store bought everytime 🙂

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