Getting Organized

My mom sent us back to Plainview with an extra dresser she had lying around, so I spent the better part of the evening getting clothes transferred and several loads of laundry through the wash! I somehow got on a roll with all this organizing business that I organized my closet, cleaned out of bunch of clothes I’ll never wear again, and put some more art on the wall.

The day didn’t start off so productive though. I ended up having to grab my breakfast on my way out the door. I think this was the first week I have eaten breakfast at my desk since working at Wayland.

Banana with Nutella, sprouted grain toast with homemade pumpkin-pecan butter, and Siggi’s Orange and Ginger skyr. I don’t know if this is just a very satisfying breakfast or if the fact that I ate it so late affected when I got hungry again. I did spend a good half hour on the yogurt, as can be expected with something that 1) tastes that good, 2) is so hard to come by (the closest store that carries it is 300 miles away), and 3) is so expensive (2.50 a pop. Ouuuuccch!). It was probably the best 30 minutes of my work day. But anyway. I didn’t get hungry ’til about 11, and by that time it was so close to lunch that I figured I better just be hungry for an hour.

Either I was a quietly ravenous beast or I missed the mark on my lunch. My randomly tossed-together lunch of leftover stir-fry mixed with leftover chickpeas mixed with spinach and a slice of sprouted grain bread with light brie and a sliced fig magically disappeared from my stomach around 2:00. So I ate the clementine I brought to work. Then I got hungry again at 3:00. Bought a granola bar from the bookstore. Got hungry again at 4:30. Bought a cereal bar from the vending machine. Would have ignored the last one if I didn’t have Zumba immediately after work, which, by the way, was quite exciting today. Apparently all that energy I lacked on Tuesday was given all back to me and more today. Maybe it was what/how I ate???

Anyway. I had Chicken and Dumplings for dinner. I first made it kinda sorta this way back in 2008 when I first started really getting into cooking. In fact, I think this was the first dish where I really started getting creative. It’s like the drawing assignment I had in 8th grade when something “clicked” and I suddenly started taking art seriously. Anyway. The recipe was rustic and thrown together with whatever I had on hand. This is the second time I’ve made it since, and this time it didn’t turn out as spectacular as the first time. Maybe it was the broth? Chicken? The fact that I used milk instead of half-and-half or buttermilk (like the first two times)? I’ll post a recipe when I figure out what I did to it.

Anyway, I need to go soak some beans…

One response to “Getting Organized

  1. interesting combo of brie and fig – sounds heavenly, i must give it a try!

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