Finding Good Health in Tex Mex

Has is really been that long? Ah well. Sometime you just need a short break, you know?

I read a quote several months ago that said, “my diet is what I eat, not what I don’t eat.” I like to say that that’s the motto I live and eat by, and it’s for that reason that I don’t feel any guilt toward eating Mexican food, barbecue, pizza, or the like at my Friday night dinners. Nutrition is found in pretty much everything, as long as it’s real food, and it doesn’t take much to find hearty nutrients even in Tex-Mex!

This past weekend’s Friday night dinner was tamales, black beans, and rice. Dark chocolate cupcakes were for dessert.

Everything was prefaced with a chips and dip appetizer, with Guiltless Gourmet Chili Lime flavored tortilla chips on one side, and Garden of Eatin Blue Corn chips on the other (I heard recently that blue corn has more antioxidants! Sure, they get destroyed in the frying, but why not?). Joe T’s provided the salsa, and I keep my guac simple with mashed avocado, lime juice, and salt.

For the main course, I used Pedro’s tamales (a local company), a Mexican rice I adapted from what I could remember of my Mexican coworker’s recipe (I used brown rice and tomatoes), and a black bean recipe I sort of made up. I’ll give the Mexican rice recipe later.

For dessert, dark chocolate cupcakes! Like my chili, I haven’t made it the same way twice. This time I had to use yogurt instead of applesauce or pumpkin (WHY IS THE WORLD OUT OF CANNED PUMPKIN!?), and I used honey instead of sugar or splenda as the sweetener. I still could have used some more honey, and I’m not sure if it was the honey or the instant coffee I used in it, but they sort of “deflated” in the oven. All was well, though, because the little crater made the perfect cradle for the cream cheese frosting!

Topped with a dark chocolate chip!

I could go into greater detail about how I packed some nutrition into my “indulgent” meal, but I’ll save that for the guest post I’m going to write soon for A Better Bag of Groceries. I’ll let you know when that’s up! You won’t want to miss that one!


One response to “Finding Good Health in Tex Mex

  1. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    Oh man, nothing like a good chocolate after Mexican food 🙂 Good call!

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