Weekend Fun Part 2: Lubbock!

Okay, so this one was going to be called “Weekend Fun Part 2: Texas Food Expo, Market Street! But then I realized that I didn’t take near enough pictures of the expo to warrant the entire post being titled based on it. Ah well!

I left for Lubbock around 9AM and found that the husband so generously filled up my tank with gas after driving back from Canadian (3 hrs away) the night before. Awww!

I’ve mentioned the trip to Lubbock before. It’s not exactly a short trip. 30 miles to city limits, 45-60 minutes to get anywhere you need to be in Lubbock. And the 30 mile stretch between Plainview and the Lubbock International Airport looks something like this.

But it’s not bad. The more you drive it, the less intense it becomes. Really, I often forget how long I’ve been in the car, especially when I’m busy risking my life taking pictures of cotton fields.

This past weekend, Market Street was hosting a “Texas Food Expo” which showcased foods grown and produced in Texas. This arrangement of produce is from a farm in Muleshoe (a few hours west of here). I impulsively bought a bag of red potatoes from them even though I can get those same potatoes in Plainview. I also bought peaches from them, which I couldn’t get in Plainview.

This is a Texas produced honey, but I did not purchase it (I did purchase a loaf of the good-and-grainy bread, though!). The honey I get is produced in Tulia, which is about a local as I can get outside of Plainview! This reminds me, I do need to get more honey…

The Llano Estacado Winery is one of three wineries in Lubbock. I ended up showing up an hour before the expo officially started (and what better to do for an hour than circling the store aimlessly pushing a cart!?), so I got these pictures before the sample stations really got moving, but as 11am rolled around a representative from the wineries showed up and handed out samples. Yes, I drank a sample of the Llano Muscato at 11AM. What can I say? I live dangerously.

Finally I managed to squeeze out of Market Street, World Market, and Target at around 3 PM. I had stuffed myself silly sampling everything under the sun at Market Street (sausage! brisket chili! texas brownies! chicken-tomatillo tamales! texas trash! etc.!) that I really skipped lunch, but I figured I better eat something before heading back to Plainview. I made my way to Well Body Natural Food, a health food store and cafe I visited last time I was in Lubbock, and it’s also where I get my local grass-fed/organic beef (I picked up some t-bone steaks for Ed’s upcoming birthday while I was there).

Everything looked so good! But I ordered a 1/2 sandwich of the Well Body Club.


It came with a dessert muffin and chips with salsa. I was glad that the dessert muffin was small! And it was good and tasted very brown sugary. 🙂 I ate all my sandwich (which was good!), the muffin, and half my chips.

Honest Tea to drink. Decided the extra calories in the “lightly sweet” kinds weren’t worth it that day, since I was going to be eating brisket and Blue Bell that night.

And then I headed home. Until later, y’all!


2 responses to “Weekend Fun Part 2: Lubbock!

  1. Looks like a lot of fun!! Is Market Street another health food store? We have a World Market here and I’d beg to go there everytime I visited! Until EarthFare opened up, that is. I could live in those stores…*sigh* if only money really did grow on trees 😛 Oh, and risking your life on long srives with pictures is always fun..I’ll admit to doing it a few times!

    • Market Street is part of the United Supermarkets grocery chain, but sells gourmet/speciality products in addition to the typical grocery store items. We don’t have a Whole Foods anywhere near us (the closest one is 400+ miles away!) or even a Trader Joes (the closest one is 300 miles away in the next state!), so it’s the best we can do in the Texas panhandle! I’ve been visiting Market Street on average once a month to get things I know I can’t get in my little town, and I visit Central Market (the Market Street of the H-E-B grocery chain, but way cooler!) when I visit my family in Fort Worth every few months. But now that my husband has finally secured a job, we might find ourselves in Lubbock every other week or so. 😉

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