Weekend Fun Part 3: Texas Barbecue Night!

At last, an end to our story!

It might not have taken so long if our internet didn’t keep going out at the exact times I had planned to blog!


Feast your eyes on this!

It was our first time ever cooking brisket, and I’m happy to say it didn’t come out dry and bland! I mean, check out that smoke ring! Drooooool!!!!

The spread! I tried to incorporate the Texas food theme as much as possible. However, at Texas barbecues, sides are pretty much limited to beans, cole slaw, and potato salad, and I don’t like cole slaw OR potato salad.  So I made do and borrowed sides from the rest of the south.

  • Brisket. NOMMM.
  • Southern Style Greens
  • Ranch Style Beans (Texas!)
  • Chipotle-Maple Sweet Potatoes (the chipotle chiles were canned in Texas! Haha!)
  • Stubb’s Hickory Bourbon barbecue sauce (Texas!)
  • Dr Pepper!!!!! (Texas!!!! I’ve toured the museum in Waco!)
  • Mrs Baird’s Texas Toast (Yes, I brought preserved white bread into my house. I think you may come to forgive me. Mrs Baird’s originated in Texas, even though Texas toast did not. I grew up eating the stuff. And I toured the bakery in Fort Worth!)
  • Armadillo Eggs! (Jalepenos were grown by my former sculpture professor! I stuffed them with a combination of 1/3 less fat cream cheese, Organic Valley cheddar, dried cilantro, and garlic powder and wrapped them in bacon before broiling. Grilling would have been ideal, but we ran out of charcoal)

One thing non-Texans must learn about Texas barbecue is that our philosophy is that if the meat is cooked right, it does not need a sauce. But since brisket is downright finicky (and I definitely lucked out!), the sauce is provided just in case, but is generally not necessary. I left most my sauce on the plate!

For dessert, a Texas barbecue classic! Peach Cobbler (made with local  peaches!) topped with Blue Bell ice cream (I’ve toured the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham!). I got the recipe from Texas Monthly and changed it up a bit by replacing the flour with whole wheat pastry flour, most the sugar with brown sugar, and cooking it in a cast iron skillet. I think I’ve fallen in love with the concept of baking in cast iron…

We topped off the night by watching True Women and arguing with our non-Texan friends about how the Texas Revolution is on par in purpose and importance with the American Revolution.

And now I have a fridge full of brisket. The next few days will be the days of leftover brisket, and I’m determined not to just slice some off and stick it on a plate! For example, tonight’s dinner was a brisket hash made with potatoes, onions, and pepperjack. I would have thrown green bell peppers in it if I had ’em, and tomatoes (fresh from the farmer’s market!) if I had remembered. But it was still quite good! Still had the amazing flavor of the rubbed “bark” on the brisket! Uhghhmmmomom.

2 responses to “Weekend Fun Part 3: Texas Barbecue Night!

  1. Hi! I am lovin’ the Texas theme…just found your blog and wondered where exactly you are in this great wide state…I just moved to Austin. 🙂

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