Then and Now (Fat Pants!)

This weekend my church is holding a clothing drive and I’ll be getting rid of many of the clothes that I have that don’t fit anymore. Actually, this encompasses about 80% of my wardrobe.

I also figured this would be a good opportunity for some “fat pants” pictures before they leave my life forever.

(Disclaimer: At least one room in my house is always in a state of filth and disarray. Today, the bathroom is one of them. Forgive my dirty mirrors. And yes, I had to stand on the toilet to get a good shot. We have no full-length mirrors and the hubs is out of town until Saturday)

These are the jeans I bought a year ago with the clothing money my mom gave me for my birthday (so basically, almost exactly a year ago). They are size 14s Old Navy stretch jeans. They were a bit snug when I bought them.

These are capri pants I bought the night before I started my job at Wayland (April 2009). I desperately needed work clothes and I had no dress capris. These are size 14s I bought at Beall’s and they fit me very well when I bought them. I had to put them away in the fall to make way for cool weather clothes, and by the time the weather warmed back up, I’d already dropped most my weight and couldn’t wear them again.

These pants I bought from JCPenney at the beginning of my last semester of college (August, 2008). I had gained 20 lbs that summer and none of my slacks fit. I broke down and bought bigger pants so I could finally be comfortable.

And THESE pants I bought a few weeks ago at JCPenney. I had no more slacks that fit me, so I decided to splurge $12 (yes, $12 is a splurge) and get pants that fit. These are size 8’s, and look at the difference!

These are the shorts I bought last May at Beall’s. They are the first pair of shorts I’ve worn (non-swimming or sleeping) since middle school, and they were the piece of clothing that had officially indicated to me that I had indeed dropped to a single digit size. They are size 9’s! What’s amazing is that now when I shop for clothes, I can almost always fit into the size 8’s, but the 9’s are tight. Must be a misses/juniors hip difference.

Those pants and shorts are the only bottoms in my possession that are my correct size. Perhaps that will change this weekend at the drive! Or maybe someone will give me birthday money. 😉

Meanwhile, I’ll hoping someone will make good use of this overflowing truck full of clothes!


4 responses to “Then and Now (Fat Pants!)

  1. Awesome for you! What a big difference in your waistline. I know that feels good. I lost 86 lbs last year (pregnancy weight I had kept on for years). It was awesome each season weeding out the fat clothes I didn’t need anymore! Way to go!

    • Thanks! I’ve lost 7 inches in my waistline since January when I started measuring, and I think I lost a few more inches before then. 40 lbs for me!

      Congrats on your success! 86 lbs is a LOT of accomplishment!!

  2. Wow you look so good!!! And I hate women’s clothes, but even if you had put on 20 lbs., you don’t look like you would have been a size 14!!!

    I range from (get this) a 3/4 to a 7/8 depending on the label/company/clothing article. I would it were easier, inches like men’s clothing. None of this fluctuating size crap from company to company.

    Either way, good for you, donating all those clothes 🙂 Now you’ll get to “splurge” on new clothes that fit you properly!!

    • Haha, it really went from me being about 155 lbs and a size 12 to gaining 20 lbs and becoming 175-180 lbs and a snug size 14. I’ve lost 40 lbs overall.

      I’m hoping to soon put up some before and after pics. I’ll just have to weed through the literally thousands of pictures on my computer!

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