Oof! It’s been too long.

This week we are adjusting to quite a few changes in this household. Edgar began his first day of work yesterday, and since he has to been at work a full HOUR before I do, our morning routines have changed significantly. Now, we both are up by 6AM, and now it’s my responsibility to prepare breakfast while he gets ready for work. Once he leaves, I’m then free to get ready. But there’s a twist! Since I am enrolled in choir this semester at Wayland, I now have to be at work 15 minutes early every day and cut my lunch hours short to make up the time! This means I leave for work at 7:50 instead of my usual 8:05, and my lunch hour only leaves me time to prepare lunch and eat. No running errands or cleaning house on my lunch break anymore! It just won’t happen.

Also, since Edgar’s job is in manual labor, and our breakfasts now take place at 6:30 AM instead of minutes before 8:00, bigger emphasis has been placed on having hearty, stick-to-your-ribs, nutritious breakfasts. For example, this is what I ate yesterday…

I’ve learned from experience that I stay most satisfied with this visual ratio of protein and complex carbs and dairy. Basically… eggs, milk, and 100 calories of a whole grain. Bacon or sausage optional. In this case, it’s scrambled egg whites (plus one egg) with spinach and gruyere, one turkey breakfast sausage link, one homemade whole wheat biscuit, and a cup of 1& milk. I won’t show you Edgar’s plate. It was a little grotesque and I got a big carried away with the protein thing and way overdid it on the cholesterol, even for an active 23-(almost 24)-year-old male.  I somewhat redeemed it today by feeding him only one egg, two sausage links, and two biscuits, plus milk, and it satisfied him just fine all morning. I’m still trying to get him to eat more fruits and veggies though. It’s a challenge, because while he enjoys eating them, he doesn’t like to snack on them. And he doesn’t always want them with lunch. Argh.

For the record, I had 1.5-2 servings of Kashi GoLean Crunch, one sausage link, and a biscuit today, and I was also satisfied until lunch. Five hours of satiety! Fancy that!

Other changes as a result of Edgar’s new job:

  • The line that allocates household responsibilities between us has considerably blurred. Therefore our house is currently a wreck.
  • Our grocery budget has increased to make sure the Food Vacuum gets properly fueled.
  • I now am able to do 20 minutes of yoga in the morning! (Okay, not that I wasn’t able to before, but now I HAVE to be up that early. I didn’t before!)
  • Evening responsibilities have increased and it will be exceedingly more difficult to get everything done.
  • I need to pack my workout gear the night before.
  • Edgar needs to pack his lunch the night before.
  • I’ll probably make a point to shower more the night before so that possibly I can take some time in the morning to blog or *gasp* wash my dishes for a change.

We’re still working out all the madness. Bear with us!


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