Come to the Dark Side…We Have Brownies!

Folks, I have a confession to make.

There’s a new love in my life.

This love is dark and delicious. A guilty pleasure and delight in every sense. Most other people like me might not understand at first glance, but maybe with time the more discriminating may see the light.


This brownie mix has my heart in a big, big way.

It has ingredients I can’t pronounce.

And as if it wasn’t already high in unhealthy fat, I like to use melted butter instead of vegetable oil.

And I’ll never, ever be able to stop at just one.

Folks, I’m over the moon for these brownies. I’d gladly gain 10 lbs and go through the effort to lose it again so that these brownies would stay in my life as on occasional fling.

Seriously, this could be very, very dangerous.

I served them yesterday for a bunch of friends and they were gone in seconds.

To my delight they were served again at a church reception this evening.

Oh heavens, help us all…!


One response to “Come to the Dark Side…We Have Brownies!

  1. oh my those look good!! I just went to a Ghiradelli Factory a few weeks ago and I’m pretty sure they had those 🙂

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