Random Points of Interest

Some things that are going on around here.

  • My birthday is this Sunday! And Edgar’s birthday is the very next day! We’re spending the weekend in Fort Worth with my family, and on Sunday we’re going to the Ranger game with Ed’s parents.
  • Yesterday I received word that my proposal for the FoodBuzz September 24×24 event was selected! This means that on September 4th I will be taking a bunch of friends to La Diosa Cellars in Lubbock for a smashing good time. 😉
  • I’m participating in the FoodBuzz Next Food Blog Star competition. It doesn’t mean much at the moment, but in the following weeks and maybe months you’ll hear more about it.
  • I published my About page! Go check it out!
  • In October I’ll be participating in my first 5K. So exciting! I might even fit Race for the Cure somewhere in there, but I can’t remember which day that was.
  • Yesterday and today I ate lunch in the school cafeteria. Since graduating, I’ve eaten in the caf three times. Once last year and twice in the past two days. I remember why I didn’t like it, but it was convenient and sometimes the company is worth it. I did manage to stop eating when I wasn’t hungry anymore, even with food on my plate. Definitely a new concept for me.
  • I’m hoping to get a haircut soon. I got a haircut each of my past two birthdays. It seems only appropriate that I make it a tradition!
  • Our fridge is overflowing with partly used vegetables, and I’ve lost motivation to deal with them. Since we’re leaving for a long weekend, I’ll probably throw the partly used veggies into a roasted vegetable mix, and anything I haven’t taken a knife to yet (huge bag of jalepenos, large bag of poblanos, medium bag of anaheim peppers, small bag of tomatoes, one or two bell peppers) will be sliced and frozen.
  • I’m still dealing with a bit of sickness, but I’m functional now, even if my proper singing voice isn’t.
  • We’re slowing moving stuff into the new house, starting with things that won’t be in the way when we paint and do minor renovations (ie. coats in coat closet, excess towels in linen closet, etc.). We’re pretty gosh darned excited about this house!
  • We officially begin the painting and whatnot over Labor Day weekend. I’m making a big to-do about it and bribing anyone who helps us with free meals every day they help. I’m convinced every room that we plan on painting in that 1800-square-foot house (which is most of them) could get painted in one afternoon if I had 5 or 6 people working on it at once. We actually don’t have a lot of blank walls. Lots of built-in storage and windows.
  • Speaking of windows, we have some strange window measurements. Not all the windows have blinds, either, so we might have to get creative. I’ve got visions of wooden-slat blinds and roman shades dancing in my head.
  • We’ve got this awful burnt orange/chocolate brown mixed carpet in the master bedroom. I’ve recruited my mom to help us look for free carpet in the DFW area on Craigslist. Hopefully we’ll be able to come back home with something decent!
  • Today was my birthday party at the office, and tomorrow my coworkers are taking me out to lunch. I don’t know what my family has planned, if there’s anything. And then on Tuesday we’re having another office party for someone else. It’s party central this week!
  • I’m currently involved in a love affair with Aaron Copland’s instrumental work.

That’s all for now, folks! I’ll be sure to have some fun food to share this weekend!


3 responses to “Random Points of Interest

  1. That’s exciting FoodBuzz news!! About the banner and dinner in Lubbock and competing in the FoodBuzz Next Blog Star! And I bet you’re excited about the new house..and moving slowly’s perfectly fine. It took us a full year to move out of our old house. 😛

    Have fun at your birthday lunch tomorrow!

  2. I hope you have a fantastic birthday tomorrow, and congratulations on your Food Buzz news. I am so happy for you! Enjoy!

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