Birthday Weekend Pt 2: With the Family

WOW it took me a long time to write this. Better late than never, right?

Shortly after our trip to Fantastic Sams and The Blue Cherry, we celebrated birthdays with the family. When I was in high school, my “cake” of choice was actually a giant sugar cookie topped with whipped cream and fruit. It’s so simple but it tastes so, so good!

Lunch was burgers, chips, and fruit. After the excessive crepe, I wasn’t in the mood for a whole burger, so Holly and I split one. Oh, and that’s reindeer sausage. It was alright.

Check out the cards I got! They’re great!

Hahah! I love it! And here’s what my parents gave Edgar.

Tehee! Well that’s all folks. There WILL be a 3rd installment. Perhaps tomorrow?


One response to “Birthday Weekend Pt 2: With the Family

  1. Whoooa a giant sugar cookies with fruit and whipped cream?! Yes please!! I love the cards, too- the blog one’s so true!! Haha I never thought about it like that 😛

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