We have a stove!!

I’m ecstatic about this! I can actually cook now!

Ain’t it pretty?? We actually own this! And those are pumpkin cookies in that oven. I’ll share those later. 😉

What I’ve noticed is that with each move we end up having to purchase an large appliance. With the move to the townhouse, we needed a washer and dryer (generously given to us by my in-laws). With the move to this house, we needed to buy a stove (which we paid off in two massive hunk payments). I might expect to need a fridge with my next move. So much easier than moving into a place where I have to furnish EVERYTHING, you know?

In other news, Happy October! Thus begins my favorite part of the year. 😉


One response to “We have a stove!!

  1. Woohoo!! Awesome new stove!! I gotta say I’m jealous- mine’s ancient and always 50* off from what the dial says. 50*!! Thank goodness for oven thermometers 😛 I’d be baking up a storm in that beauty!

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