So why has is been awhile since I posted? Well here’s a recap!

My choir’s fall concert

WBU band’s indoor show (and I have friends in the band. And my husband is a trumpet major. And I’m a music department groupie.)

Halloween celebrations at work. I dressed up as the Night Before Christmas (my costume in 2005 & 2006) and everyone thought I was an elf.

I went to a Halloween party that lasted from 5pm to 2am. I dressed up in my circa 2008 Sally (from Nightmare Before Christmas) costume and came bearing gifts of pumpkin blondies and harvest salad.  During said party I learned to play Ninja and I got to play with a 4-month old. Wheee! (By the way, the following pictures were jacked from friends off Facebook)

I also took the time to “video” some of the INTENSE nerdiness that went down that night.

I’m convinced that Edgar and Kris will conduct to just about anything.

Edgar and I woke up late and made our way to Lubbock for a trip to Gander Mountain (for the dude) and Sun Harvest (surprise surprise). We ate at McAlister’s Deli (my first time!) and I fell in love again.  Also came home with a persimmon and two crab apples. When I got home I immediately began work on dinner: Rachael Ray’s Harvest Moon Macaroni and roasted broccoli. Edgar actually made the broccoli while I was at Walmart getting last minute supplies and Halloween candy. I’ll note that this is the second time I’ve made this macaroni dish and it came out a LOT better than the first time! I think it’s because the first time I used all 1% milk instead of the prescribed whole milk and it came out clumpy. Since I don’t keep whole milk in the house, I used one part 1% milk and one part full-fat half & half. Came out nice and smooth!
And then we watched some Halloween movies and the guys played Halo while I made Scary Spiders, a no-bake cookie recipe from 2nd grade.

Here, folks, is the original recipe in my 2nd grade handwriting on authentic 14-year-old notebook paper!

Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Chili’s for lunch. Candy all day long. Alton Brown’s recipe for Turkey Tamales was implemented all day and consumed that evening. Trick or Treaters came, many episodes of Family Guy were watched and apple cider was brewed. I wore a costume for about 20 whole minutes.

(Either there’s something wrong with my camera that’s causing my pictures to come out blurry, or I’m getting awfully impatient in my photo-taking. I’m banking on the latter)

So there you have it! My intense Halloween weekend had me totally WORN OUT from celebrating. And Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

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