Ana Versus the Canyon

For several weeks I’ve been in the mood for a picnic and hike in the outdoors, and around these parts, the best location for such and endeavor is Palo Duro Canyon just an hour north of my little town.

So yesterday after church (and lunch), we (me, Edgar, and our friends Kris, Jarrod, and Ana) packed our bags and headed north.

I’d been to the canyon once before back in 2006, but at the time it was so windy and we were there to see the TEXAS play, so hiking wasn’t really part of the agenda.

The park is fraught with trails, but the one I chose was the 5.75 mile Lighthouse Trail.

About a half mile into the hike though, some people decided they wanted to climb this…

So we did.



It took awhile, but I finally got to the very top, where I promptly declared, “I am the QUEEN of France the canyon!”

In all seriousness, though, overlooking the landscape from the top of the canyon reminded me a bit of being on top of Pikes Peak during my honeymoon almost a year ago. Just a little.

I do not experience nature nearly enough.

I am not in awe nearly enough.

I do not feel small nearly enough.

But then everything took a tragic turn when Ana…

… fell off the cliff.

No joke.

I was already half-way back down the canyon when I hear from above from Edgar and Jarrod that Ana slipped and fell and was then stuck in a crevice in the rock.

She had apparently tumbled 40 feet down into the canyon before she was caught by the only thing that could have possibly stopped her from falling down this…

Thankfully, she was rescued and suffered only bumps, bruises, and abraisions.

After getting her down the canyon in once piece and cleaning her off, it was already getting dark and we had to go.

We never finished the trail.

We never really had our picnic either. Once we got in the car, everyone wanted Braums. But I still wanted my sandwich, so I ate my Justin’s maple almond butter and blackberry jam sandwich in relative secrecy while I gobbled down my gingerbread and egg nog ice cream.

Another day, though. Another day. We’re just thankful nobody got seriously injured, or worse…

Thank You, Lord. 🙂




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