I feel like Sandra Lee right now…

My original plan for dinner this morning was to make a batch of lentil soup. However, we are out of onions, and payday is still two days away.

So Edgar pulled out a can of Grilled Chicken and Sausage Gumbo that was in the pantry.

I was actually planning on eating that soup this weekend while he’s out of town, but it being after 5, chilly outside, my stomach close to growling, and nothing prepared (all my meat is in the freezer. all my beans are dry…), I obliged.

One problem, though.

I can easily put away this whole can by myself and be just fine. The whole thing is 280 calories. Certainly not a count you can shake a stick at.

But half that?! You’ve got practically nothing to eat. 140 calories is a snack in my book–not dinner.

As I was pondering what  serve with the soup in order to bulk up the meal, I figured, “what if I just bulk up the soup itself?”

So I looked at the ingredients list for inspiration…

… ignored words like “soy protein concentrate”‘ and settled on these additions to the pot…

Aging organic kale…

The last of some frozen chopped green peppers…

And a can of organic diced tomatoes with green chilies…

I also added some granulated garlic and crushed red pepper flake to extend the original flavorings of the canned soup.

Now doesn’t that look better?

What started as a single cup of soup per person became TWO cups of hearty, veggie-filled gumbo.

And served with sweet potatoes and a cup of milk (to tame the heat!), it was a very tasty and filling meal!





One response to “I feel like Sandra Lee right now…

  1. I do the same with canned soup- it’s never enough to fill me up!! Even if I do use the whole can, it seems to go right through me..so bulking it up’s a must. Plus, it’s much more delicious that way! And exactly how you want it 🙂

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