I’m not dead, I promise!

I’ve just been drowning in photos! Between the 742 752 photos I took over Thanksgiving weekend and the 1000+ photos I shot for Aubrey and Justin’s wedding this weekend, my computer is throwing some serious temper tantrums! I spent an evening just on moving photos around between hard drives just so I’d have room to put all the photos from my camera together on one drive. I’m still not sure what to do about my computer speed, because sometimes I think my CPU is likely to grow a fungus before it will completely load a webpage. On top of that, we’re trying to get Photoshop activated on at least one of our computers, and that in itself is an adventure. Oh well. You’ll have to bear with me.

We decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to celebrate our first anniversary while we were in the DFW area over Thanksgiving. We were already going to be spending sometime in Dallas, so we took the opportunity to hit up some ritzy restaurant, since it’s not everyday we’re in Dallas (or every time we visit home. In fact, I generally avoid Dallas if I can help it, but visiting multiple places at once in Dallas makes it mostly worthwhile).

We spent most the afternoon at North Park mall drooling over pretty things we can’t afford (Teavana! Lululemon! Anthropologie!), but afterwards  we visited Whole Foods for my ritual foodie grocery shopping trip. Normally I just go to Central Market, since I don’t have to travel an hour away in nutzo traffic to get there, but since we were in the neighborhood…

Since it was awfully close to our reservation time, and the bar at Whole Foods was way cheaper, we decided to have a small “cocktail hour” and tasting at Whole Foods. After tasting several different varieties, I found a winner… a Riesling.

Our sommelier was very helpful and also shared with us that cheese and wines produced in the same region naturally pair well together. He used brie and champagne as an example. Makes perfect sense to me!

Yyyyyum! I took a bottle of this home. It’s sweeeeet. Like sparkling white grape juice with hardly any bite. I’m a wimp, I know. I own it, though. :]

We made our dinner reservations at Sambuca, a restaurant and night club in the downtown arts district in Dallas, per a classmate’s suggestion. Unfortunately, my dad’s GPS led us to some unknown location in Deep Ellum (EEKS! That’d be the creep-tastic club district), and after wasting $10 on parking for about 10 minutes and a very late phone call to the restaurant, we got turned the right direction. The correct location is across from the Ritz Carlton and about spitting distance from the Meyerson Symphony Center. Drool.

We split a Caesar salad to start. Have I ever told you how much I love Caesar salad? It may be because it as 7:30 I hadn’t eaten anything but cheese samples since noon, but I’m pretty sure this was the best romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese I’d ever eaten in my life.

I knew exactly what to order for dinner. Citrus salmon! It was so pretty, and it tasted just as good as it looked. Made me want to go home and make it on my own! Seemed simple enough.

(Let me just interject that while I was taking pictures, our waiter very graciously stood out of the way and let me proceed, even though I found out later that there was a no-photography rule in the restaurant. Oops!)

For dessert, we shared a Flourless Chocolate Cake. SIN ON A PLATE. Almost licked the plate clean, but it was a nice restaurant, and there was a live band, so I refrained..

The band performed a bunch of covers of top 40’s songs, which I normally am not into, but they played/sang them well, so I was cool with it. 🙂

After painting the town city red, I was ready to get back to my wide open plains of West Texas, but I sure did enjoy my day in Dallas!



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  1. The salmon looks fabulous! Yum!!!

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