Taking pictures of my eats fell by the wayside today. It’s probably alright, because it was mostly leftovers and reruns anyway. In the meantime, my house has turned into a test kitchen for tiny cupcake confections.




You see, I’m going on a music and mission tour to Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic in March with the entire Wayland School of Music. I originally had enough money budgeted to cover the trip, but that money has recently been reallocated to cover Edgar’s tuition and fees. This means I’ll need to entirely self-fundraise for the remaining $1200 I owe, which is due at the end of this month.

So I’m getting back to my roots, so to speak. When I was in 5th grade I made and sold cupcakes to fundraise my trip to summer camp. At the time I used boxed cake mix and smeared-on tub frosting. For Saint Patrick’s Day I got creative and put an Andes mint on top of each cupcake.

I’m going to be selling cupcakes (and truffles and cookie dough bites) once again, but this time around, it’s all from scratch. The flavors are more unique, and I’m making sure that everything tastes worthy of its charge. Plus, I’m getting significantly more creative with the frosting and decorating. It’s nice to pull out my piping tips again.




(I promise, I won’t sell smeared-on frosting. It’s just that I was just focusing on flavor today. That and my piping tips were dirty)


Did I ever tell you that I took cake decorating classes back in middle school? Well, I did.

Cake decorating in general is not very tricky, especially with cupcakes. Skills in piping, borders, and flowers are not difficult to learn. But really makes a good-looking cupcake is the creativity of the decorator. Decorating cakes is more of an art than a science, which is probably why Charm City Cakes is mostly staffed with art school graduates instead of pastry chefs.

I got into cooking and baking because it was a more practical outlet for my creative energy than spending hours, days, and weeks in front of a canvas. Everyone needs to eat to live, but you won’t die if you don’t have a painting above your couch. But I don’t think those two concepts–form and function—should be

exclusive to each other. In fact, when paired together harmoniously, I’d say that baking and “cupcakery” takes culinary art to a new level.


2 responses to “Cupcakery

  1. Ooooh those look tasty! 🙂 Good luck with your fundraising!!!!!

  2. Taking a cake decorating class would be so much fun!! I’ve always wanted to do that. 🙂 And selling baked goods will be of luck raising enough money for the trip!

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