Of a Wednesday.

It’s approximately 6:42 on a Wednesday evening and I’m sitting here at my desk, eating leftover stacked Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas, for the sheer fact that I’m too tired and lazy to cook dinner, which is partially the same reason the enchiladas were stacked instead of rolled in the first place.

Picture? Hah! No. Besides, I used too much sauce and not enough cheese. And stale corn tortillas, so it’s not remotely photogenic. The taste is a bit mediocre too. Except for the chicken itself. I used Rosie’s Organic Chicken Drumsticks, which are pretty incredible. Oh, and the cheese. And the sauce itself isn’t bad. Okay, fine. It tastes pretty good, if only the texture was right.

You still want pictures?!

Gah. Fine. So demanding.

You can have the pictures I shot of it when I cooked it two days ago.

IMG_8491-1 IMG_8497-2 IMG_8500-1 IMG_8515-1 IMG_8520-1 IMG_8525-1


And since we’re on the subject of food prepared a few days ago, here’s my lunch yesterday. See? Much more nutritious AND photogenic. See the pretty colors!


That would be black beans on a sweet potato, with a side of massaged kale and half a blood orange I had chillin’ in the fridge


It’s a theme. Pulling random things from pantry and fridge and trying to think up a meal. See, I’m trying to clean out my fridge and buy as little additional food as possible. Ideally, I’d like to see my fridge empty of everything but condiments by the end of the month, but we’ll see. Spring cleaning has come early, apparently.



On the fitness front, I think I’m going to bring back my fitness schedule page, for personal accountability’s sake. I’ve had a bit of a struggle getting back into the fitness groove since the holiday, but this week I’m determined to pick it back up again. In fact, today at Zumba Toning class, I remembered why I love a good sweat every once and awhile.




Now I’m off to scrounge for some conditioner. My hair has been ridiculously static-y this winter. Ack!

One response to “Of a Wednesday.

  1. Sometimes I dread putting up some of the pictures of my food because it’s so unphotogenic! But sometimes the ugliest things are the ones most worth eating, right? 😉

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