This week has been somethin’ else.

Between cupcake fundraising, work, family life, and choir (in the past 48 hours I have been to four choir rehearsals, and I’ve got another in 11 hours), I’m exhausted. Today I came home devoid of energy and sat in front of the TV cuddling with Maggie all evening.

Clearly I haven’t spent a great deal of time taking pictures or cooking anything interesting.

Okay, maybe I sort of did yesterday, but I think that can wait a day or two.

Tonight, it’s time to unwind.


I like to unwind to movies, music, art, and poetry.

Here’s what I’ve been unwinding to:


This is a song we are singing on the School of Music trip to Germany/Austria/Czech Republic in about 6 weeks. I love so many of the songs we are slated to perform, but the poetry in this captivates me.

All Flesh is Grass by Christina Rossetti

So brief a life, and then an endless life
Or endless death;
So brief a life, then endless peace or
Whoso considereth
How man but like a flower
Or shoot of grass
Blooms an hour,
Well may sigh “Alas!”

So brief a life, and then an endless grief
Or endless joy;
So brief a life, then ruin or relief:
What solace, what annoy
Of Time needs dwelling on?
It is, it was,
It is done,
While we sigh “Alas!”

Yet saints are singing in a happy hope
Forecasting pleasure,
Bright eyes of faith enlarging all their
Saints love beyond Time’s measure:
Where love is, there is bliss
That will not pass;
Where love is,
Dies away “Alas!”


It is based on the scripture passage that reads:

6 A voice says, “Cry out.”
   And I said, “What shall I cry?”

   “All people are like grass,
   and all their faithfulness is like the flowers of the field.
7 The grass withers and the flowers fall,
   because the breath of the LORD blows on them.
   Surely the people are grass.
8 The grass withers and the flowers fall,
   but the word of our God endures forever.”

(Isaiah 40: 6-8 NIV)


What beauty, what Truth. This world is only temporary, but God, His Word, His Love, is forever.

That’s something we can find solace in.


What do you find solace in? What helps you unwind?


4 responses to “Unwind

  1. I like to unwind with some good music, a good book, or a cuddle with the hubby. *sigh* I need that right now!

  2. Hope you were able to unwind. Today’s a new day! 🙂

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