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Inching Closer

First things first.

Wendie Plan? Not so much for me. Basically eating up the majority of my weekly points the first part of the week has never worked for me, because I can’t live off the very little of the remainder during the second half of the week. So after a week of eating and counting tons the first half of the week and “intuitively eating” for the second half (because there wasn’t enough points left to really sustain me, so I decided to just listen to my body’s signals and feed it nutritious food when I got hungry), I gave up on that idea. However, the next week (last week) wasn’t much different because I had special events (and an out-of-the-bleu blue, trance-induced frying episode) the first half of the week and practically nothing leftover for Sunday and Monday.

But that’s a-okay, because…

I lost 1.4 lbs this week and now find myself in the 130’s!! I’m just OUNCES away from my Weight Watchers goal!! It’s pretty exciting!

Okay, I have some goals this week. First of all, I am going to experiment with photographing everything I eat and posting them on here every day. A day in the “life of [michelle’s] pi[e-hole]” if you will. I want to get more involved in my blog and share more about my daily eating habits, but I’m not sure how much time it’s going to consume since I’m already a full-time office worker and a full-time wife. But we’ll certainly see!

Starting….. NOW!

Breakfast was fantastic! I always look forward to reaching the bottom scrapings of my nut butter jars so I can do THIS!

Overnight Oats in a Jar!

In this mix…

  • 1/3 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt (I use Oikos)
  • 1/3 cup 1% milk
  • 1 average (4 oz) banana, chopped up
  • ~2 tsp of Dark Chocolate Dreams scrapings
  • ~1 tsp of some almond granola stuff I’ve had in my pantry for ages. The stuff expired years ago, but it’s apparently still good!

And with a side glass of no-sugar-added cranberry juice blend. I don’t typically drink juice, and certainly not cranberry juice, but I’ve heard that it helps… well… certain discomforts. And we’ll leave it at that. This a food blog and I’m eating!

I packed some dates for my morning snack.

I knew better. I knew that it’d do nothing for mid-morning hunger. But did I listen? Noooo. By 11:00 I was STARVING.

So I was all about volume come lunchtime.

Ain’t it pretty?!?

  • A bunch of romaine and arugula as a base
  • 1 oz of bell pepper
  • 1 oz of avocado, sliced
  • 1 slice uncured bacon, crumbled
  • 1 medium-boiled egg
  • a grating of parmesan
  • drizzling of lime juice

And the mini-sandwich was a slice of Ezekiel 4:9 Low Sodium bread with some fig preserves and 1/2 oz of Organic Valley Extra Sharp Raw Cheddar. Yum!

And two glasses of cranberry juice….

I finally got something right with my afternoon snack.

I’ve been on the search for a good all-natural pudding cup. This one is all-natural and has a bunch of good stats, but the texture is more gelatinous than creamy. And frankly, Jello Sugar Free Dark Chocolate scores much better in the “chocolate-y decadence” flavor category. So the search continues…

(Oh, and insert 6 oz of Dr Pepper in here, because I poured myself a small cup at work, but obviously didn’t photograph it. Oops!)

After Zumba I wasn’t all that hungry, but when I finally did eat, it was leftover Chicken Tortilla Soup from several nights ago. Topped it with some sliced up asadero cheese and a few tortilla strips I fried up last Wednesday.

I’m not going to share the recipe for it yet because, while it was good, it could really be improved upon. I’ll share the recipe when I tweak it a bit. 🙂

So there you have it! Day one of my one-week food-journal-blogging challenge. Stay tuned for more interesting eats!

Some Things Don’t Change

Today begins (HOPEFULLY) my last week before goal. I weighed in this morning at 141.8 (a .6 gain from Saturday, because of the excess salt and bread I’ve eaten the last few days, but a .6 loss from last week), and now I begin the “Wendie Plan.” In a nutshell, it’s “metabolism confusion.” You vary your WW points/calories over the week so that some days are low and some days are high (VERY high!) and it keeps your metabolism charged. I have little doubt that it will work for me, since I’ve noticed that I lose best on weeks where I have a day or two where I eat QUITE A BIT of my weekly points, but still stay within my overall allowance. If I drop 3 lbs (with .6 of that I know being water weight), then I should hit goal next week!

My morning walk today got me thinking about my last semester of college. I really miss going to the Laney Center to work out in the late afternoon, grabbing my dinner at the bar (typically turkey club on focaccia, a bag of jalepeno potato chips, and a diet coke—not included on the flex plan menu, but one particular worker always let me use my flex meal plan on anything I wanted), taking a quick, refreshing rinse in the shower back in my suite, putting on fresh clothes, then cuddling myself up on one of the couches in the lobby (where I’d be “working” for the next four hours) eating my dinner and watching Reba and the Food Network.

I really miss working out in the afternoon and going to dinner refreshed and muscles feeling that good ache.

I really miss that turkey club on focaccia. The Laney Center having them stocked was hit or miss when I was a student, but I really haven’t seen them there since.

I’m not crazy about potato chips, but I do sort of miss those jalepeno chips, for nostalgia’s sake.

I miss working the lobby. It was the best student job ever. I sat in the lobby and watched TV the whole time. I could do homework or work on my Halloween costume. If I was closing, cleaning up and locking the doors was pretty much the only other thing I had to do. It was great!

So today after work I went to Zumba class (at the Laney Center), came home, showered, slipped into fresh, comfy clothes, ate dinner (leftover Shepherd’s Pie made with ground turkey. YUM!) , and cuddled myself (with muscles feeling that “good ache”) up on the couch and watched a little Reba and Food Network. 🙂

A girl can try, right? 🙂

New Milestones Reached

This past weekend I decided that I needed to buy shorts.

I haven’t worn shorts since middle school. This is partially because I never found any that fit me right/looked good on me. Partially because every summer event that I went to growing up required a certain length to shorts, and such length could not be found. Partially because I’ve been self-conscious of my knees and thighs.

Now that I’m an adult and have lost around 40 lbs, I’ve become considerably less self-conscious about my wrinkly, wide-set, and strong knees and stocky, muscular thighs. In fact, I’m sort of proud of them.

So I went out and bought my first pair of shorts….

… in a size 9.

YES! I hit single-digits!… BARELY!

I tried on several different styles among various different brands, and I’m certainly not a single-digit across the board (as can be expected), but I was able to squeeze into more than a few 8s and 9s. And I do mean squeeze. I’m not a “comfortable” single-digit size, but a little snug is okay when I’m confident the numbers are only going down. I consider my milestone reached, since I did buy the shorts, and I do wear them with no discomfort.

So I could say that I met two goals this weekend: 1) Get over my self-consciousness and wear shorts for the first time since middle school… 2) … in a size I haven’t worn since middle school.

Starting Weight: 176.8
Current Weight: 142.4

Lost this week: 1.4 lbs

Total Lost!: 34.4! (not including the four I lost on my own before Weight Watchers!)

Left Until Goal: 3.6 lbs!!

Sweating it Off

Quick post before work, but I figured I hadn’t done a weight progress update in a while…

Starting Weight: 176.8
Current Weight: 143.8

Lost this week: 4.6 lbs (mostly water weight, mind you)

Total Lost!: 33! (not including the four I lost on my own before Weight Watchers!)

Left Until Goal: 5 lbs!!

That’s right. I’m within half a pound of where I was before my adventures to the Metroplex, so I believe I did well this week. And I’m not looking bloated anymore, so that’s definitely great!

Spinning class took a lot of out me yesterday in the form of sweat! I’d never been to a spinning class and will still partially unaware of what it was. I got to the YMCA last night in time to change clothes and try recklessly to find the Spin room. I had to go through a maze to find it, but I got there just in time to claim the second-to-last bike. It was hot. It was stuffy. The air was wholly impregnated with the stench of sweat. And the lint off my brown t-shirt fluoresced under the black light!

It was a hard workout, but mostly because of the condition of the room. I sweat more in that one hour than I did in Honduras in the middle of June in 115 degree weather with 80% humidity. Intense, man. Intense.

Will I do it again? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not in love with it like I am with Zumba, but it could be a fun option for a workout if I really feel like doing something different from my usual.

More is coming, I promise…

I wrote a blog post on another computer in Word, but I forgot to add it to my thumb drive. It’s long, so I’ll wait until I can get it added to disclose the information within. 😉 It’s all important stuff, though…

I’ve been eating a lot of healthy fruits and veggies lately–more than usual, I mean– (and several days have found myself inadvertently eating totally vegetarian), and getting most my recipes out of the Weight Watchers cookbook. Most these recipes are also French-ish or Italian-ish. I’m a bit tired of it. I want barbecue and something country fried. I’m appeasing myself (and the hubs) with chili this weekend and buffalo burgers sometime in the near future. I swear, I never make chili the same way twice. This time I’m experimenting with green chilies, chipotle peppers in adobo, pinto beans, and a little ground turkey mixed with ground beef, to stretch my dollar a bit (but don’t tell Edgar!!).


Starting Weight: 176.8
Current Weight: 150.8

Total Lost!: 26 lbs! (not including the four I lost on my own before Weight Watchers!)

Left Until Goal: 12 lbs!!!

I should update this more. Being lazy with my camera is not an excuse I can update without pictures for now. It won’t kill me, or my silent reader. 😛 Enough with the all or nothing attitudes!

What Makes Success?

Today comes with some difficult decisions.

1. Is Lifetime really worth it?
2. Should I eat all my activity points?

Okay, so the second one isn’t too difficult, so I’ll explain that one first.

I weighed in at 157.8. I only lost .6, and this was a fantastic week of control. I didn’t even eat 8 of my activity points, and I was able to manage one one point less per day (as instructed by Weight Watchers since my weight dropped to the 150s). But I didn’t lose much! I know I worked out a tad more than usual, but I don’t give much stock into muscle gain. The most any one person can gain in muscle in one day is one ounce, and I am not the kind of person that works out so much that I would gain close to that. I might be able to credit “muscle gain” to about .2 or .4 “not lost,” but when I typically lose about 2 lbs, that’s not an issue of muscle.

I know the body does weird stuff when it wants. I know some days it will retain more water, and I did eat rather salty stuff yesterday, but I weighed less this morning than I did yesterday morning, so I don’t blame that.

I think what’s the biggest cause is that I wasn’t eating enough. This was my first week on 22 points, which adds up to 7 points less during the week. I also did not eat 8 of my activity points. That adds up to about 1150 calories over and above my natural loss. In my observations over past weeks, I lose more the weeks I eat more. Maybe I’m one of the lucky few. This next week I’ll make a point of eating ALL my activity points (in addition to my dailies and weeklies, of course).

The next issue: Weight Watchers beyond January. We only have two more weeks of free At Work meetings. Anything beyond that I’d have to pay for. I’ve been looking at my options and I considered 2 alternatives: Weight Watchers online (I’d be able to use my own scale and eTools is naturally included. It’s also the cheapest at around $18/mo, but the downside is no one-on-on accountability and no Lifetime awardship) and going to meetings very infrequently and pay the weekly price. Unfortunately my leader informed me today that there is a $5 penalty for every week missed. This would translate to $40/month! For that price I’m better off actually getting a monthly pass. But it’s still too expensive.

Right now my options are: 1) do WW online the whole rest of the way through and never receive Lifetime, or 2) do WW online until I’m 5 lbs away from goal and switch my membership to meetings for 6-8 weeks so I can receive Lifetime.

The questions I have to ask myself are: is Lifetime really worth it? What will I gain from it? What will I lose by not having it?

I feel like I want something tangible, something I can hold on to to assure me that I legitimately succeeded. Maybe I need to rethink my definition of success?

Week… ????? Update!

Justice is finally served!

I was a little worried. When I weighed myself this morning (clothed), I weighed 158.0, and right after I ate breakfast I weighed myself again and it said 159.2.

Thankfully though, the Weight Watchers scale was fair, and I officially earned my 10%.

– – – –

Starting Weight: 176.8
10% Goal Weight: 159.1

New Weight!: 158.4

Total lost: 18.4!

Ultimate Goal: 138.8
Left to Goal!: 19.6

– – – – –

Last week’s meeting was about eating filling foods. Now that I’ve exercised that habit a little bit, I feel much more capable of staying within my daily points most of the days of the week, even on one point less per day than I have already been doing. I guess if I’m able to keep it up to the weekend that I’ll treat myself with a really great dessert at the Broadway Brew with my greatly accrued weekly points!!

– – – –

Food Units
fiber one with strawberries, blueberries, and 1% milk 3
green tea. mmmmnomnom…. 0
yay! 2.2 lbs lost! and i had leftover buffalo chili for lunch. 5
(and 13 almonds. yum.) 2
2 slightly over-ripe clementines and a sprite zero. .5
dinner was italian sausage and pepper penne [7], and for dessert: 3 dates [1], a vitabrownie [1], and a glass of milk 11
dark chocolate tuxedo pudding cup before bed .5
Total: 22

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.